The Last of Us

The Last of Us” Episode 5 Date Change Due to Super Bowl

Because of this week’s broadcast of the Super Bowl, the popular horror series “The Last of Us,” which airs on HBO Max, will have a different airing schedule than usual. This week’s episode 5, which was originally scheduled to make its debut on Sunday evening, will now be made available …

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In Search of Darkness III

In Search of Darkness III The Final 80’s Doc Reviewed

The most current film in the “In Search of Darkness” retrospective series, which highlights the grandeur of horror movies from the 1980s, is the critically acclaimed “In Search of Darkness III.” This most recent video contains a cast of celebrities from the 1980s, as well as writers, critics, and fans, …

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Valentine’s Day on SCREAMBOX: Ox-Head Village and More

In February, new additions will be made to the SCREAMBOX horror streaming service. SCREAMBOX has a number of exciting new additions coming in the month of February, making it an exciting time for fans of scary movies. On February 3rd, SCREAMBOX will premiere an exclusive broadcast of Sssshhh, India’s version …

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M3GAN: The Hottest New Movie on Vudu – Available Now!

Visit Vudu right now to watch M3GAN in the comfort of your own home! M3GAN may now be watched on Vudu, the premium on-demand video service offered by Fandango, even though the movie is still playing in theaters. In addition, Vudu is launching three M3GAN-themed gift cards today, which can …

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Sick (2023) a Peacock Original Film in review


In “Sick,” audiences are transported to the year 2020, just after the initial outbreak of COVID-19 has rocked the world and everyone is trying to make sense of what is happening. That fact alone is grist for a horror film, and while other movies have tried to capture the terror …

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Grim Cutty Movie Review

Grimcutty Hulu Original Movie Review

A terrifying online meme known as “Grimcutty” is at the center of this contemporary take on the monster feature genre. The parents of the village are worried that the meme is encouraging their children to hurt both themselves and others. Asha Chaudry’s parents suspect that their daughter is self-inflicting her …

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SHUDDER Releasing ‘GOOD MADAM’ Trailer Is Here

Shudder, the premium streaming service for horror, thrillers, and the supernatural that is owned and operated by AMC Networks, is ecstatic to make the announcement of the first teaser for the Shudder Original film Good Madam prior to the film’s premiere on the VOD service on Thursday, July 14. The South …

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Class of 1984

Where Can You Watch Class Of 1984 FOR FREE

The Class of 1984 is streaming for free in high definition on virtually any device. Upon starting work at a problematic inner-city high school, a new teacher quickly finds himself at odds with the delinquent head of a punk crew that rules the school. At the graffiti-covered Lincoln High School, …

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Vinegar Syndrome Collection Volume IV

Vinegar Syndrome Collection Volume IV On Demand

So far this month, Arrow keeps bringing more and more to its streaming service. We already have Puppet Master on the streaming platform. Vinegar Syndrome’s fourth and wildest (so far) compilation, Seasons IV, debuts on May 2nd. ARROW subscribers will like the cult madness and sleazy zaniness in Vinegar Syndrome …

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