There Will Be Blood In The Retaliators

The Retaliators, the new horror-thriller film from Better Noise Films, explores what happens to those who go unpunished for their sins by man’s law and instead face the wrath of vengeance. The opening of The Retaliators has you briefly questioning if you’re watching the right movie when it feels like you somehow …

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Who Invited Them 2022 Movie Review

Who Invited Them A Shudder Original Review

The consequences of being overly concerned with what other people think can be severe. Who Invited Them from Shudder is a film that does just this. In an effort to wow your peers and superiors at work, you may be tempted to spend above your means on a lavish mansion. …

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Music Kills in The Tubi Original Requiem For A Scream

In the brand new Tubi Original film Requiem for a Scream, human suffering is music to your ears.  Requiem for a Scream follows the story of Artemis as she heads up to her family’s lake house to throw a party to celebrate her sister’s life and spread her sister’s ashes in their final …

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Check Out the Gore of ‘Pussy Cake’.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if someone combined elements from Predator, Alien, Men in Black, Puppet Masters, and Night of the Creeps with any zombie film ever made?”  Well then, Pussy Cake is the movie for you. Pussy Cake follows an all-girl rock band of …

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Where The Scary Things Are 2022 Review

[ REVIEW ] Where the Scary Things Are (2022)

Where the Scary Things Are is a new film that follows a group of teens, who were motivated to “make their ideal urban legend” through a curriculum at their high school titled “Create Your Own Urban Legend,” rapidly go out of control in their pursuit of more “likes,” which leads …

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Kane Hodder Stars In the Tubi Original Film ‘Tow’

In the new Tubi Original film, ‘Tow,’ Jason Voorhees appears to be taking a page out of Freddy Krueger’s book, as Kane Hodder, the man behind the legendary hockey mask, is haunting his victims’ dreams. ‘Tow’ stars Hodder as The Mechanic, a deranged killer whose atrocities have earned him the …

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