Lifeforce 1985

Lifeforce: Tobe Hooper’s Overlooked ’80s Horror Gem

Amongst horror fans, Lifeforce remains one of the most tragically underseen gems of the 1980s horror boom. Directed by genre maverick Tobe Hooper hot on the heels of Poltergeist, this eccentric sci-fi vampire tale failed to make a major splash upon release but has gone on to earn a devoted …

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Skinamarink: A Child’s Perspective of Horror

Skinamarink Review I tend to go on a bit of an analog horror binge during this time of year. Usually, I  stick with a series on YouTube, but I happened to see this movie in a Film Theory thumbnail and figured I’d give my two cents. Now I know this …

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Revealer (2022) A Shudder Original Streaming Movie Review 2023

Revealing Nothing New – Review of Shudders Revealer

Revealer is the latest micro-budget horror outing from writer/director Luke Boyce, whose previous efforts have focused on elevating exploitation and grindhouse tropes with social commentary. This time, Boyce bites off more than he can chew, attempting to fuse a survival horror about two ideologically opposed women trapped together with half-baked …

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Tubi 2023 Captive

Scout Taylor-Compton Sinks Her Teeth into Vampirism in Tubi’s Captive

Tubi continues churning out lively original genre films to devour, and their 2021 vampire outing Captive should sufficiently sate B-movie fans’ bloodlust. Helmed by director Gregg Simon, this fast-paced creature feature combines familiar tropes with engrossing twists to deliver modest but entertaining horror action. And leading lady Scout Taylor-Compton shines …

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Pillow Party Massacre

My Bloody Sleepover: A Review of Pillow Party Massacre

Horror hounds, get ready to relive the gory glory days of 80s slashers – Calvin Morie McCarthy’s indie screamfest Pillow Party Massacre aims to be a blood-soaked trip down memory lane. This 2023 release centers on a group of college BFFs having a reunion sleepover, but their nostalgic bonding quickly …

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Take A Trip With Tubi’s Cabin Girl

You know what they say – the woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but you really shouldn’t go in there alone. Tubi’s new original film Cabin Girl proves that venturing into the forest in search of isolation might just dig up secrets better left buried. When protagonist Ava heads to …

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Bad Girl Boogey Slays More Than Victims

At first glance, Bad Girl Boogey seems to have all the hallmarks of a formulaic teens-in-peril slasher, but don’t be fooled by appearances, Bad Girl Boogey is more than just another slasher rehash. Beneath the surface, Director/Co-writer Alice Maio Mackay’s low-budget indie horror film has vital messages about society, that …

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On The Edge 2022 Film Awards and Review

On The Edge (2022) A Soska Sisters Film Reviewed

What do you get when you take a poorly functioning middle-aged man and have him spend the night with a dominatrix? You get On The Edge. We recently published a post in which we discuss the new movie that the Soska Sisters have produced, and you can find it here. …

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