Meet the businesses and sponsors that we at the Horror Facts team would love to share with you. We support their efforts and think they are absolutely great websites and brands you should check them out.

Ejeet Networks

There is no simple way to put it but Ejeet Networks is our dedicated hosting provider and web development team, they provide us extra high quality networks to host our high traffic WordPress website on and allow us to continue to create amazing content that is always online and reliable to you the readers of Horror Facts, they have been around for over 11 years and continue to impress us with state of the art technology and friendly people.

Ejeet not only offers amazing dedicated servers and vps hosting, they specialize in WordPress website themes and layouts for games like World of Warcraft, but don’t think its all about games because they created our Horror Facts website and thousands more sites on the internet.

We suggest Ejeet Networks for any wordpress related content, themes or hosting just send them a message they will not let you down.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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