Valheim Xbox Console Commands: A Complete Guide for 2023

The Must-Know Valheim Console Commands for Xbox: Spawn Enemies, Change Time of Day and Beyond. Enabling Console Commands in Valheim on Xbox Valheim now supports access to admin commands and cheat codes on Xbox Series X|S through the in-game console, allowing players to modify elements of the game world and …

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resident evil vs silent hill video games

Resident Evil vs Silent Hill: The Battle of Survival Horror Titans

Unveiling the Dark World of Survival Horror Survival horror is a subgenre of action-adventure video games that focuses on the player’s ability to survive in a hostile environment, typically filled with terrifying creatures and eerie atmospheres. The genre blends elements of horror, puzzle-solving, and resource management, often requiring players to …

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Cooking and Food Valheim Guide for Xbox Series X

Food is life in the harsh world of Valheim on Xbox Series X – without it, you will starve and perish, unable to face the challenges of each perilous biome. But with a steady supply of quality ingredients and well-prepared meals, you can boost your stats, increase regeneration and maintain …

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The Curse of the Crypts: A Chilling Legend of Valheim

The lakes and rivers of Valheim hold many grim secrets beneath their surface. Ruined crypts of an ancient civilization break the still waters, entombing unknown clans and their grim fate. Tales of curses and evil unleashed surround these watery graves, deterring most from disturbing whatever resides within. Deeper still in …

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The boxart for Maniac Mansion

Why Maniac Mansion is One of the Best Games of Its Time

When I first played Maniac Mansion, I knew I was experiencing something completely new and revolutionary in gaming. This quirky point-and-click adventure game blew my mind with its humor, puzzles, and interactive storytelling. For the first time, I felt like I was inside a comedy-horror B-movie, guiding teenagers to rescue …

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Valheim a game filled with nordic cults and rituals

The Forgotten Cults: An Eerie Legend of Valheim

The Norse-inspired survival game Valheim holds many grim secrets within its foggy fens and crumbling crypts. As you explore the ruins of this vast grey land, traces of a sinister history emerge from the ages lost to memory. Among the legends whispered of Valheim’s shadowed past are tales of strange …

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Venturing into the Perilous Swamps of Valheim on Xbox

The fetid swamps of Valheim present equal parts peril and promise for newcomers experiencing this unforgiving land through Xbox Game Pass or the power of Xbox Series X. For those venturing into the grim wetlands for the first time, horrors and treasures await discovery within the crumbling Sunken Crypts. Through …

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Super Mario arcade game action

Nintendo Shies Away from Mobile Gaming for Super Mario Franchise

The Super Mario franchise, developed by Nintendo, has cemented its position as one of the most iconic and recognizable video game series in history. Throughout the years, the franchise has undergone significant expansion, encompassing a wide range of entertainment mediums such as animated television shows, merchandise, and even theme parks. …

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Silent Hill 2 Remake

Silent Hill 2 Remake “technically ready”.

Hold on to your seats, horror fans, because the Silent Hill 2 remake is almost here! The CEO of Bloober Team, Piotr Babieno, recently announced in an interview with Polish website Bankier that the game is “technically ready” and they’re making their way towards the final product. However, the release …

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Spider Man Video Game

Spider-Man 2 Game Release Date Leaked by Tony Todd

It looks like we may have some news on when Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be hitting our screens. Fans have been eagerly awaiting any information on the upcoming game, which will feature Tony Todd as the voice of Venom. Todd himself recently hinted on Twitter that the game will be …

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