Chucky appearing for the first time in Dead by Daylight

Chucky and Tiffany Are Bringing Twisted Toy Terror to Dead by Daylight!

Well butter my biscuits and call me petrified, because everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed killer dolls Chucky and Tiffany are coming to wreak pint-sized havoc in the iconic horror game Dead by Daylight! Consider this the ultimate virtual playdate from hell.

As of November 28th, players can take control of the murderous marrieds as they slash and sass their way across levels, blending right in with DBD’s esteemed roster of pop culture boogeymen. That includes handling voicing duties once again for the big man himself, Mr. “Don’t f*** with the Chuck!”

And you better believe these toys aren’t playing around – Chucky comes fully equipped with sneaky Slice & Dice abilities to carve up those giant survivor opponents, while Tiffany always has her trusty nail file ready to give someone a twisted manicure. Together, their diminutive size but deadly tactics provide fresh gameplay possibilities.

I don’t know about y’all, but this hillbilly heart is tickled rotten at the chance to go on a technicolor kill-spree as some of horror’s most iconic and irreverent psychos. Forget Freddy and Ghostface – a new wave of terror is coming to turn Dead by Daylight into a down-home House of Horrors!

Just try not to step on the wrong tiny tot’s toes, or you may find plastic knives in uncomfortable places. Chucky especially can be one sore loser when the kiddie gloves come off! But hey, all’s fair in love and gory video game murder.

So let the evil times roll when these murderous munchkins check in on November 28th! Dead by Daylight is officially getting a huge shot of bloodthirsty black humor. Just don’t say I didn’t warn ya not to underestimate these freaky dolls. Because hell hath no fury like Chucky and Tiffany scorned!

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