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The Mummy Prequel Movie Reportedly in the Works at Universal

Universal is seemingly continuing to grow its roster of modern Universal Monsters movies, with The Mummy prequel reportedly next on the slate. The industry scooper, Daniel Richtman, reports in a post on Patreon that The Mummy will be resurrected again in prequel form. He writes, “The Mummy PREQUEL movie now in development at Universal with Wes Tooke (Midway, The Rescue) writing the script.“ New The Mummy movie prequelThere’s nothing more on it at this time. … Read The Full Article

The Nightmare Begins: Explore the Haunted Streets of Tokyo in NIGHTMARE OPERATOR

In the dystopian world of NIGHTMARE OPERATOR, humanity has been ravaged by catastrophe and left to struggle in the shadows. Amidst this bleak landscape, you take on the role of Misha, a Public Safety Operator for the Provisional Government, tasked with hunting down Youkai – supernatural creatures born from humanity’s darkest fears. Your mission is set against the backdrop of 2036, where Shin-Chiba, once a thriving metropolis, now lies in ruins. As you venture into … Read The Full Article

Horror in the Forest Review

In the crowded landscape of found footage horror films, Horror in the Forest attempts to carve out its own niche by combining the subgenre’s familiar tropes with folkloric elements. The story follows a group of friends who venture into the deep woods to investigate the urban legend of a vengeful witch. Armed with cameras to document their amateur paranormal investigation, they quickly find themselves in over their heads as the malevolent presence makes its eerie … Read The Full Article
Crackle Free Streaming Movies and TV Shows


As the summer sun rises and the days grow longer, Crackle is about to unleash a sinister shadow over the season. This June, the streaming platform is set to terrorize viewers with a chilling lineup of horror titles guaranteed to haunt your nightmares. While the world outside may be filled with the warmth of summer, Crackle is about to plunge viewers into a darkness that will chill them to the bone. So close the curtains, … Read The Full Article

Zak Bagans’ Secrets Allegedly Spilled by Former Haunted Museum Employee

Zak Bagans, the famous ghost hunter and star of the long-running reality show Ghost Adventures, is facing scrutiny from an unexpected source – an alleged former employee of his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. In a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread, an individual claiming to be a former staff member at Bagans’ museum invited users to inquire about their experiences working with the paranormal celebrity, promising to dish out juicy details. The AMA … Read The Full Article
Killer Body Count (2024) Logo

“Killer Body Count” (2024) Tubi Review

In the ever-evolving landscape of horror, originality can be a rare commodity. Tubi’s latest offering, “Killer Body Count,” treads a familiar path – a group of teenagers isolated in a vulnerable location, stalked by a ruthless killer. However, beneath the surface of this seemingly conventional slasher flick lies a surprising blend of dark humor, social commentary, and practical effects that injects fresh blood into the genre. Released in May 2024, the film is directed by … Read The Full Article

Twisted Terrors in Neverland: A First Look at Peter Pan’s Neverland Nightmare

The team behind the shocking slasher hit Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey is about to take audiences on another harrowing journey through the realm of childhood nostalgia gone horribly awry. Jagged Edge Productions, the studio responsible for that polarizing reimagining, is now set to unveil their latest nightmarish creation: Peter Pan’s Neverland Nightmare. As the latest entry in Jagged Edge’s rapidly expanding “Twisted Childhood Universe,” this new horror offering promises to deliver a radically … Read The Full Article

Arcadian Underutilizes the Manic Genius of Nicolas Cage

When you sit down to watch a Nicolas Cage movie, you expect a certain level of unhinged, over-the-top insanity – the kind of balls-to-the-wall performance that has made him a cult icon among his most devoted fans. The mere presence of Cage in a film is enough to elevate even the most outlandish premises, promising a wild, unpredictable ride. So, in a post-apocalyptic horror thriller like Arcadian, where the fate of humanity hangs in the … Read The Full Article
Tarot 2024 movie cover

Tarot (2024) Movie Review: A Stale Hand

In an era overstuffed with horror films exploiting any premise imaginable, it was only a matter of time before someone turned to the ominous imagery of tarot cards. Enter “Tarot,” the feature debut of directors Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg, which adapts the 1992 young adult novel “Horrorscope” by Nicholas Adams. With a familiar supernatural slasher setup involving a cursed tarot deck unleashing death upon a group of college friends, the film had ripe opportunity … Read The Full Article
Founders Day

Founders Day Review: A Dull Political Slasher That Lacks Bite

Founders Day sets itself up as a mashup of slasher horror and political satire, taking place in the small town of Fairwood amid a heated mayoral election. As the incumbent Mayor Gladwell fights to fend off her challenger Harold Faulkner, a masked killer dressed as a founding father judge begins targeting the town’s teenagers. Complete with a powdered wig and wielding a bloody gavel as a weapon, the ominous Founders Day killer cuts an imposing … Read The Full Article

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