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Horror Facts offers an easy absolutely free way for you to promote your horror project. With no strings attached.

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So you have a project in the works inside the horror genre? Great we just so happen to be focused 100% on horror content. We accept the following submissions Press Release, Movies, Shorts, TV Shows, Podcast, Artwork, YouTube Channels and almost everything else.

In the past we have promoted Hollywood films, Actors, Streaming services, Books, Independent films, YouTube channels(Big and Small) and plenty more projects. As long as your content is not of X-rated nature and falls into the horror genre then we are interested in helping spread the word on your project.

General Information About Submitting Content

Steps to take to promote your horror movie

So how does it work you ask? It’s simple you submit your content to us and if the content is suitable for our website we will create an article about your project, we will also promote the article on all of our social networks including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Slasher and more.

How much does it cost? To have us review your submission and create an article costs nothing, we usually respond to all submissions within 48 hours.

Why do you promote horror? It’s simple we love horror and understand that it can be hard to get a project seen.

What don’t you accept? We generally do not accept anything X-Rated, fly-by-night GoFundMe or Indiegogo(we do allow these but they will be subject to longer delays as we verify the validity of these pages) and last but not least if its not horror then we don’t really have a place to promote your content as we are a horror media hub.

Due to the overwhelming nature and sheer amount of Novels sent each week we are currently not accepting new novel/story type book entry’s.

If your book is a biography, comic or a compilation about horror culture and in that general arch-type then you can still submit it.

If you meet the general criteria that we listed above and would like to proceed to promote your content then…

Make sure that you include all high resolution images for your project, provide a detailed writing on exactly what your project is as we only know what you tell us, if you have a video trailer then provide that as well, make sure you include your social network page links along with the projects official website if applicable.

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