Interview With Bed Rest Filmmaker Lori Evans Taylor

Horror Facts had the chance to sit down with Lori Evans Taylor, the writer and director of the new psychological horror film Bed Rest. During our conversation, Horror Facts learned about the process that went into bringing Bed Rest to life, as well as the real-life tragic events that inspired …

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Art the Clown Himself Speaks to Horror Facts

Horror Facts had the privilege of sitting down and talking with Art the Clown himself, David Howard Thornton, to discuss Terrifier 2 and his role as the infamous, serial killing clown.  Horror Facts: I’m very curious, how do you prepare for the role of Art? David: I basically don’t have …

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Interview With When the Screaming Starts Creators

Every infamous killer has an origin story, although you never learn about it until it’s too late. But what if there was a chance to see a killer’s journey in the making? In the new horror comedy, When the Screaming Starts, we follow struggling journalist Norman Graysmith as he believes …

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Interview With V/H/S 99’s Verona Blue and Maggie Levin

V/H/S 99, the fifth installment in the found footage horror anthology series V/H/S film series, recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and to promote the release of the film, Verona Blue, one of the stars of V/H/S 99, and Maggie Levin, the writer, and director of the “Shredding” …

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Rachel Stavis Celebrity Exorcist Interview

Interview with Celebrity Exorcist Rachel Stavis

What an excellent day for an interview with celebrity exorcist Rachel Stavis. As a secular exorcist, Rachel H. Stavis has cleansed thousands of tormented people, from small children and Hollywood moguls to stay-at-home moms and politicians. But for many years, the horror screenwriter and novelist denied her gift. As a …

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Karli Horror Movie Exclusive Interview

[Exclusive] Interview With the Creators of ‘Karli’.

Back in June, Horror Facts posted an article about the upcoming horror movie, ‘Karli,’ by Mike Clarke and Paul Gerrard. The film tells the story of Amanda (Jennifer K Preston) who, after witnessing the brutal murder of her husband, decides to start a new life with her teenage daughter, Karli …

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