Art the Clown Himself Speaks to Horror Facts

Horror Facts had the privilege of sitting down and talking with Art the Clown himself, David Howard Thornton, to discuss Terrifier 2 and his role as the infamous, serial killing clown.  Horror Facts: I’m very curious, how do you prepare for the role of Art? David: I basically don’t have to prepare for him now because I know where he lives in my head, but for part one, I went back and watched All Hallows’ … Read The Full Article

Terrifier 2 is Not For The Faint of Heart

Art is back and bloodier than ever in Terrifier 2! After all, you just can’t keep a good serial killing clown down. Terrifier 2 takes place following the events of the original film, with Art being resurrected inside the morgue. Once resurrected, Art begins to carve a new bloody path of destruction, first killing the coroner before heading to a laundromat to freshen up his attire. It is at the laundromat where Art encounters an … Read The Full Article