Blood in the Snow Film festival

Blood in the Snow

An innovative and important showcase of contemporary Canadian horror, genre and underground cinema, Blood in the Snow supports and exhibits independent Canadian genre media artists while challenging social boundaries and exploring artistic taboos. The festival is held in Toronto, Ontario and brings together audiences, media coverage, community partnerships, and the filmmaking industry in a celebration of Canadian genre films. BITS was founded in 2012 and became a not-for-profit organization in 2015.

Horror Facts is excited to be apart of the film festival while in attendance we are able to see the latest and greatest new horror films, thus providing you the readers an insight to the festival and reviewing the films that are appearing at Blood in the Snow.

The Family 2021 Film Review

The Family – existential dread, control, and cults

“and if they were not your creators?” Does a human being ever owe another human being for bringing them into existence? Is supposed creation cause for unquestionable servitude and eternal gratitude despite the circumstances of their condition? Do cult leaders have a genuine interest in the well-being of their followers? Do religion and the fear of the unknown justify horrible means? Or, is it all just in the interest of serving a leader’s needs, wants,…

‘Duppy’ Short Film Review

Continuing with our coverage of the films being showcased at this year’s Blood In the Snow Film Festival, we got the opportunity to watch ‘Duppy’ from writer and director Andrew Hamilton. Synopsis: Pulled from Jamaican folklore, DUPPY is a horror-driven meditation on the displacement of diaspora through the eyes of a man grappling with who he is in the world. When a disturbing occurrence befalls a young man packing up a shuttered bookstore on Eglinton…

‘The Phone Interview’ Short Film Review

As you’re aware, we at Horror Facts have been lucky enough to get advance copies of some of the films featured at this year’s Blood in the Snow Film Festival. We’ve already had the opportunity to watch and review ‘He Comes at Night,’ ‘The Call of Cableulhu,’ ‘The Monster Upstairs,’ and ‘Vicious Fun.’  One of the next films we would like to introduce you to is the seven-minute-twenty-seven-second horror short film, ‘The Phone Interview.’ ‘The…

Blood in the Snow 2023

Blood in the Snow 2023 Day 1 Coverage

The Blood in the Snow Film Festival kicked off its chilling 2023 edition on November 20th, treating horror fans in Toronto to a thrilling lineup of genre cinema on opening day. As Canada’s premier showcase of independent horror, Blood in the Snow aims to push boundaries and support the country’s community of emerging filmmakers. This year’s selections on day one delivered on that promise, with thought-provoking stories and stunning technical achievements from the next wave…

Blood in the Snow 2023

Horror Fans, Get Ready to Bask in the Glorious Darkness of the Blood in the Snow Film Festival

Winter is coming, and you know what that means fiends – it’s time for to once again venture north to bask in the macabre majesty of Canada’s premier celebration of genre cinema, the Blood in the Snow Film Festival. Taking place November 20-25 within the stunning confines of Toronto’s Isabel Bader Theatre, Blood in the Snow 2023 stands ready to drench audiences in the year’s most thrilling selection of provocative Canadian horror. For 12…

Blood in the Snow 2023

Blood in the Snow 2023 Day 4 Coverage

As the eerie chill of winter whispers through the streets, the Blood in the Snow Film Festival continues to ignite the fiery passion of horror and thriller enthusiasts. Welcome back, dear readers, to our nightly recount of Canada’s most chilling cinematic celebration. We’ve passed the halfway mark, but the festival shows no signs of cooling down. If anything, the tales have grown darker, the suspense tighter, and the thrills more intense. Day 4 looms on…

Vicinal Short Film Review Blood in the Snow 2022

Vicinal is a Short Film that has made it’s appearance at this year’s Blood in the Snow film festival. I had the opportunity to screen the film thanks to the fine folks over at Super Channel. The plot follows Thom and Romina, a young couple living in an affluent downtown apartment who begin to worry that something—or someone—might be residing in the attic. It’s official Thom and Romina now live in the city’s hippest pad….

Review of Blood in the Snow Film: Folk

The Blood in the Snow Film Festival is back and so is our coverage of the one-of-a-kind festival that celebrates the very best in independent Canadian genre film. While the festival has numerous titles to choose from, we at Horror Facts thought we would check out the French horror short, Folk, from director Gabriel Miron. Folk official synopsis: Late on Halloween night, a woman is harassed by young trick-or-treaters with a sinister agenda. Folk opens…

Blood in the Snow 2023

Blood in the Snow 2023 Day 3 Coverage

The bitter cold of Toronto on November 22 was no match for the heat generated by the festival’s scorching line-up as the Blood in the Snow Film Festival went into its third day. The festival’s sizzling line-up included some of the most anticipated indie films of the year. The convention, which has become a beacon for fans of horror in Canada, maintained its momentum by showing a variety of films that both respected the conventions of…

Blood in the Snow 2023

Blood in the Snow 2023 Day 2 Coverage

The second day of the Blood in the Snow 2023 Film Festival brought another slate of provocative and spine-tingling cinema to eager crowds in Toronto. As the premier celebration of Canadian horror continued on November 21, the festival showcased more bold new voices pushing genre boundaries. Our team returned to take in day two’s impressive program of features and shorts. The lineup demonstrated the incredible range of subject matter and styles that emerging filmmakers are…

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