Blood In The Snow: The Last Christmas Review

Continuing with our coverage of the Blood in the Snow film festival, we at Horror Facts thought we would check out the holiday horror short The Last Christmas next and see if we can stay off Santa’s naughty list this year.

The Last Christmas official synopsis: ‘Tis the night before Christmas and all is peaceful. Parents get much-needed rest, whilst children dream expectantly. Unfortunately for teenage cheerleader, Kirsten, her dream quickly turns into a nightmare when she is abruptly woken by her 8-year-old sister, Alice.

The film follows Alice, who, while attempting to set a trap to capture Santa Claus to prove his existence and stop her classmates from ridiculing her belief in old Saint Nick, inadvertently kills him in a plan gone horribly awry.    

After waking her sister Kirsten and making her an accomplice to the murder, the two siblings launch into a heated debate about what to do with the body.

While the eldest sibling thinks it best to call the authorities. The youngest sister proves she might be a stone-cold killer, when she continues to formulate ways of disposing of the body that includes burying it, dumping it into a ravine behind the house, feeding it to pigs, and even going so far as to suggest that they burn the body; granted, of course, you smash out all his teeth first.

Finally agreeing that they needed to get rid of the evidence, the two siblings drag the body outside, but soon find that it might not be so easy to kill Father Christmas.

Is Santa the forgiving type? Or does a man who gives out presents on Christmas also deal in the business of doling out revenge?

Watch The Last Christmas and discover what happens when the siblings are on the naughty list.

The Last Christmas is a film that’s in the same vein as Krampus, with more comedic elements than horror.

The majority of the film focuses on an eight-year-old who appears to be wise beyond her years. She continually comes up with ways to dispose of bodies, no doubt by listing off methods she could only have learned from watching too much TV and movies. She even mentions the TV show Dexter at one point.

The second portion of the film finally introduces us to a Santa Claus who appears to have been hardened by society and the actions of those who show up on his naughty list.

The essence of the film is a horror-comedy that explores the idea of punishing those who find themselves on Santa’s naughty list and the repercussions of one’s actions. After all, you should never make a man angry who knows when you’ve been bad or good and for your sake this Christmas, you better be good because remember that Santa Claus is coming to town and you might not like what he brings you.

The Last Christmas is written and directed by Ryan Port and stars Miley Haik as Alice, Madison Cheeatow as Kirsten, and A.C. Peterson as Santa.

Check out The Last Christmas playing now at Blood in the Snow.