Blood in The Snow: Not Another Serial Killer Review

Continuing with our coverage of the Blood in the Snow film festival, we at Horror Facts thought we would check out the satire serial killer short film Not Another Serial Killer by directors Angela Hanna Goulene and Alessandro Russotti.

Not Another Serial Killer, official synopsis: Tessa Fey is a young millennial with many assets; only one problem, though, all the men she attracts are serial killers.

The film opens with an unknown woman who enters a horrific murder scene, only to have it cut back to hours before the events of the murder.

It’s here that we see the woman on a date, and she officially introduces herself as the fourth-wall-breaking Tessa Fey. A woman who appears happy on the outside but underneath the surface has a serious problem, the man she is on a date with is a serial killer.

In fact, every man she ends up dating just happens to be a serial killer, including her ex-boyfriend.

What’s even more shocking is her date’s cavalier attitude towards confessing to her that he’s a serial killer. You would think that someone who enjoys raping and dismembering women would be more secretive about the whole thing.

After excusing herself from the date, she returns home, and it’s here that we walk back into the opening murder scene.

After a little bit of flashback humor, Tessa discovers Jordan, her ex-boyfriend, inside her apartment, as he is interrogating her roommate John as to her whereabouts.

After seeing him, she abruptly questions him about why he’s here and rejects his advances to take him back.

Thankfully, it isn’t long until the police arrive to catch the escaped Jordan and haul him back to prison.

Due to her propensity for associating with killers, Detective Sirois remains on the scene to inquire if Tessa knows anything about a serial killer known simply as the “Ripper King,” a killer who targets and eats young men. A murderer who also matches her roommate John’s physical description.

Could her roommate be a killer?

Is Tessa cursed to walk through life only meeting men who live for killing?

Not Another Serial Killer is designed to be a comedy from start to finish, with Tessa providing the majority of the film’s humor. Her repeatedly breaking the fourth wall by talking directly to the audience and delivering witty dialogue feels very much like she’s attempting to harness her inner Ryan Reynolds.

Every character introduced in the film is exaggerated and played to be the worst version of themselves, from the serial killer who wears a charm bracelet to commemorate eight months since he last killed somebody, to the inadept Detective who is too dumb to realize when the killer is standing right in front of him.

Very little is taken seriously in the film, including the police’s handling of the crime scene. Instead of cordoning off the crime scene, an officer picks up the dead body and carries it out the door over his shoulder, an aspect that proved to be the funniest moment in the entire film.

From its over-the-top characters to its general poking fun at serial killer stereotypes, to its fast-paced, never stopping to catch its breath theme, Not Another Serial Killer proved to be a unique viewing experience.

Clocking in at only nine minutes, it’s hard to say if the creators could ever keep up the same pace and still deliver quality content in a full-length feature film, but it would be interesting to see them try.

Not Another Serial Killer stars Angela Goulene as Tessa Fey, Thierry Gauvin as John Denver, Xavier Truong as Jared Brody, Jean-Philippe Thériault as Tom Brennan, and Max Laferriere as Detective Sirois.

Check out Not Another Serial Killer playing now at Blood in the Snow.