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Horror Facts is your ultimate destination for horror of all kinds. We are dedicated to bringing you the very best in original horror content, news, reviews, editorials, theories, and more.  

Our team consist of Justin and Joey two huge Horror Fans from the Great White North.

We also provide a platform for horror fans to share their own perspectives through our varied collection of editorials, ranging from thought-provoking essays to fun listicles. And we venture into speculative territory with our horror what-ifs and theories, from plausible to bizarre. 

Most of all, we aim to ignite meaningful discussions about the genre we all know and love. We do this not for clicks or cash, but out of a genuine passion for all things scary and unsettling.  

Whether you’re a casual scare-seeker or a hardcore horror hound, Horror Facts has something for you. We are your fog-shrouded lighthouse, guiding you to the very heart of horror—if you dare to venture that far.

Horror Facts began as a small Facebook page, sharing random horror facts, creepy trivia, and genre news with our fans. But thanks to our community’s passion for all things spooky, we have since evolved into the premier destination for horror on the web. What started as a humble hobby project has grown into the leader for original horror news, reviews, theories, and discussions. We work hard to bring you the cutting-edge in horror, as it’s happening. 

With millions of monthly visitors and counting, Horror Facts has risen from obscure origins to become the world’s goto source for the latest and greatest in horror movies, books, shows, games, and more. We have left our modest beginnings far behind, emerging from the shadows to bring horror to the mainstream.

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