Laura Wallen

The Tragic Case of Laura Wallen

Laura Wallen was a beloved high school teacher from Olney, Maryland. The 31-year-old was admired by staff and students alike at Wilde Lake High School where she taught social studies. In 2016, Laura was honored … Read The Full Article

The Real-Life Killer That Inspired Ghost Face

One night in 1994, aspiring writer Kevin Williamson was housesitting for a friend when he happened across a news broadcast about American serial killer Danny Rolling, or ‘The Gainesville Ripper’ as he had been dubbed … Read The Full Article

The Devil Made Me Do It

With the next installment in the ‘Conjuring’ universe, ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,’ expected to be released on June 04, 2021, we at Horrorfacts thought we would investigate the real life Warren … Read The Full Article