The Worst Christmas Horror Movies You Never Seen

Not every movie about Christmas is filled with the joy of the season. Although not all horror films are considered to be classics, the following is a list of Christmas-themed horror films that you have most likely never watched and most likely never will see. Lets go through the list of the worst Christmas Horror Movies we could find.

Christmas Horror Movies

A Cadaver Christmas (2011)

The janitor, the drunk, the bartender, the cop, his perp, and the student security guard are all brought together by unfortunate and peculiar circumstances, and they are need to collaborate in order to reverse the damage that the professor has done. An evil force is now hard at work in the cadaver lab, and it is the Christmas season. There is a rising army of living corpses that have been reanimated as a result of this power, and this unconventional group of heroes is the only hope the world has against them. The task of taking back the gift of life from the undead falls on the shoulders of the janitor. This one is not THAT bad but it has made the list of Christmas Horror Movies that you will more than likely never watch.

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Bloody Christmas (2012)

A person suspected of murdering children is on the run in a remote village, and the authorities are actively searching for them. Rich Tague, a former action movie star from the 1980s, is currently appearing on a local public access television show as Santa Claus and pondering the actual value of the holiday as everything else is going on. He has considered the possibility of taking the lives of the people who have harmed him throughout the course of his life. Will he have the intestinal fortitude to keep from placing himself on the “things to not do” list that he’s made for himself?

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Christmas Nightmare (2001)

A young man and lady who saw the assassination of a presidential candidate are escorted to a safe area by a security officer after they were sent there by the officer. The more time they spend there with them, the more noticeable a shift in demeanor the bodyguard experiences. He is possessed by the ghost of a psychopath who was in that house fifty years ago and was responsible for the murders of his family members. Because of his past experiences in this region, he has a lot of negative memories associated with it. When it comes to Christmas Horror Movies this one is perhaps the worst that I have seen.

Christmas Nightmare

Dismembering Christmas (2015)

It was not supposed to be a holiday trip that they would never be able to endure; rather, it was designed to be a holiday vacation that they would never forget. On the other hand, the latter was what actually occurred. When Mark and his friends travelled to the brand-new vacation home that his father had recently purchased for the family to spend the Christmas holiday in, they were well prepared for a fun time. The home, which is situated in the middle of nowhere, has been given a Christmassy makeover in preparation for the holiday season. However, there is a mysterious visitor present, and he or she is responsible for the deaths of each of the guests in turn. It’s Christmastime, and there’s hardly a sound to be heard, with the possible exception of the sound made by the serial killer who’s hidden within the house.

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Good Tidings (2016)

When three vicious psychopaths dressed as Santa Claus attack a homeless war veteran with a checkered past on Christmas Day, the veteran is forced to rely on a side of himself that he had previously thought was buried in order to survive. His companions are also forced to rely on a side of themselves that they had previously thought was buried. His comrades are similarly put in a position where they have no choice but to rely on a part of themselves that they had previously believed to be dormant.

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Santa Claws (1996)

After discovering that his mother was having sexual relations with another man, a young man takes the handgun that belonged to his father and uses it to kill both his mother and the man who was wearing a Santa Claus hat. Years later, when the man now believes he is Santa Clause, he develops a fascination with an erotic horror film actress named Raven and begins following her about. Raven is a victim of the man’s stalking. He cannot shake the notion that she is the genuine Santa Claus. In the end, he is taken into custody for the attempt on her life that he committed.

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The 12 Slays of Christmas (2016)

A slew of spine-chilling tales about the Christmas season. You are about to embark on a journey through twelve twisted tales of dread with a seasonal twist, each of which was crafted by one of the world’s most talented indie horror directors.

There are so many Christmas Horror Movies out there that its unbelievable, its the most used subgenre for movies in the world including horror.