For those wondering if Matt Reeves will return to direct a Cloverfield 2 sequel, the answer is, “never say never.”

The Cloverfield films have always set ambitious goals for themselves. It only had the date written on it and lacked a title, but it showed the head of the Statue of Liberty falling onto a city street. Since its initial release, the movie that was produced by J.J. Abrams has morphed into an anthology, with the name “Cloverfield” serving as the only connecting thread between the various parts of the series.

Since then, director Matt Reeves has moved on to other franchises, one of which, The Batman, was released just a year ago. Now, has recently raised the possibility of returning to direct another installment in the series in order to continue the story of the monster attack that was told in the first film.

I have no idea. I’m super excited about us doing more, and I can’t give you information about that, of course, because that’s the way Cloverfield works. To be honest with you, you never know what you’re going to do. Even though my work is all genre work, I have to feel something personal about it. Cloverfield is very much about my anxieties.

That was the process that drew me in, that’s what taught me how to shoot it, how to talk to the actors about what it was, because it was like trying to ground it from that perspective and make something crazy, fantastical, and genre, also feel real…I think if another story were to present itself where I was like, ‘Gosh I have to tell that story.’ It’s not impossible. I wouldn’t say that’s a for sure thing, but I would never say never.

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Babak Anvari, who directed Under the Shadow, will helm this sequel even though Joe Barton is currently writing the script for a sequel. The sequel will presumably take place after the events of the original, but unlike its predecessor, it will not use found footage or a first-person point of view to tell its story.

No information about the film’s production has been made public, as is standard practice. Like its predecessors, this one is expected to surprise and intrigue audiences with its sudden release. This was the case with both 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Cloverfield Paradox. The movie’s trailer or the full film could be released tomorrow. Indeed, this is a distinct possibility.

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