Extensive Extras and Deleted Scenes Coming to the Blu-ray Release of “Violent Night” in Late January

Violent Night, the action-thriller directed by Tommy Wirkola, is a worldwide smash, bringing in $75 million. The film, which features some of the best elements of the Christmas horror genre, will soon be available on Blu-ray.

Violent Night is a excellent mix of the films Home Alone and Bad Santa. The story follows David Harbour as Santa Claus as he tries to rescue a kidnapped family from the hands of John Leguizamo’s villainous character.

Violent Night Blu-ray

According to the announcement made today, the Christmas movie will be released on Digital on January 20, and on Blu-ray on January 24.

Among the specialized features available are

  • Feature Commentary, from the creators.
  • Scenes that were cut or extended
  • Deck the Halls with Brawls
  • The Making of Violent Night

Jason Lightstone, his ex-wife Linda, and their daughter Trudy, age 7, spend Christmas at their mother Gertrude’s mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, with Jason’s sister Alva, her new boyfriend, would-be action star Morgan Steel, and Alva’s online streamer son Bertrude. Jason and Linda discover an old walkie-talkie that Trudy plans to use to “talk to Santa,” but they overhear her one and only request: to be reunited with her family. At the Lightstone estate, Santa Claus arrives drunk with gifts, only to learn that the caterers are actually mercenaries using seasonal codenames. Their leader, “Mr. Scrooge,” orders them to kill the employees and hold the family hostage.

We reviewed the film during its theatrical run, you can read our review of Violent Night Here.