A director’s cut of the 1985 film, ‘The Stuff’, has been found with never-before-seen footage!

The Stuff, a 1985 film by Larry Cohen about a dessert sensation that consumes consumers, tackled America’s marketing and consumerism problems.

Today, Denver Film tweeted about its discovery, noting that it had “made a remarkable discovery while looking through the 35mm reel of The Stuff.”

In addition to several home video releases of the movie, including the Blu-ray release by Arrow Video, it seems there is also a version of the movie that has never been seen.

The Stuff

Michael Moriarty, Garrett Morris, Andrea Marcovicci, and Paul Sorvino star in Larry Cohen’s 1985 satirical science fiction horror film The Stuff (also known as Larry Cohen’s The Stuff). … The film satirizes the American consumer culture and lifestyle.

A private detective investigates a new food product that sounds absolutely delicious and may be lethal.