You can view Mansion Of The Living Dead on Full Moon Features now

Full Moon is pleased to announce it will be streaming one of the most disturbing films of all time, 1982’s Mansion Of The Living Dead unedited and remastered from the newly discovered 35mm negative!

Bashart stars as the cruel Dr. Leonard Chaney (BEING THERE, TV’s VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA), a brilliant surgeon who abducts people for their eyes and drains their blood into a filthy basement cage.

Jess Franco’s manifestation of a horrific nightmare filled with dusty dames and mouldering corpses, MANSION OF THE LIVING DEAD is a bizarre and sensual nightmare. This Franco-inspired tale follows a group of horny waitresses on vacation when they are suddenly surrounded by a sect of zombie monks taking their mind for what it’s worth. Lina Romay stars alongside Franco regular Antonio Mayans. 

While working out of season, a group of waitresses goes to an almost abandoned resort hotel, only to discover that the long-dead monks of the former monastery have been reborn as zombies. Women begin to be lured from the hotel down into the crypt beneath the monastery, where they are sexually molested and brutally murdered by zombie monks, all set to melancholy music, a bell ringing, and the wind blowing in the crypt.

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