The People Under the Stairs

Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs – Gleeful Social Revolt Through Horror

Among Wes Craven’s filmography, 1991’s The People Under the Stairs stands out as a seminal slice of social satire cloaked in horror. While the 80s saw Craven perfecting self-aware teen slashers via A Nightmare on … Read The Full Article

Lifeforce 1985

Lifeforce: Tobe Hooper’s Overlooked ’80s Horror Gem

Amongst horror fans, Lifeforce remains one of the most tragically underseen gems of the 1980s horror boom. Directed by genre maverick Tobe Hooper hot on the heels of Poltergeist, this eccentric sci-fi vampire tale failed … Read The Full Article

How 90s Teen Screamfests Brought Self-Aware Horror Into the Mainstream

How 90s Teen Screamfests Brought Self-Aware Horror Into the Mainstream

Among all the traditions horror broke and reinvented during the 1990s, perhaps none proved more impactful than a surge in self-referential “meta” horror. Films like Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Urban … Read The Full Article

Gothic (1986)

Gothic (1986) – Russell’s Surreal Portrait of Creative Darkness

I was eager to revisit Ken Russell’s 1986 cult classic Gothic. This surreal and stylized take on the fabled night Mary Shelley conceived Frankenstein has all the ingredients to delight fans of phantasmagoric cinema. Russell … Read The Full Article

Blair Witch Project 1999

How The Blair Witch Project Brought Found Footage Horror Into the Mainstream

Among all the groundbreaking horror films of the 1990s, perhaps none proved more influential than 1999’s micro-budget phenomenon The Blair Witch Project. The found footage tale of student filmmakers encountering a supernatural force in the … Read The Full Article

Scream 1996 custom art work from horror facts

How Scream Saved Slasher Cinema by Savagely Satirizing Its Tropes

Among all the slick, sarcastic teen screamfests of late 90s horror, Wes Craven’s smash-hit Scream stands apart as the most incisively influential. Released in 1996, Scream playfully skewered and celebrated the slasher genre’s derivative clichés … Read The Full Article

Horror in Transition: Examining the Genre's Paradigm Shifts in the 1990s

Horror in Transition: Examining the Genre’s Paradigm Shifts in the 1990s

As a lifelong horror devotee, the 1990s hold a special place for me as a transitional decade that radically reshaped genre conventions on the brink of a new millennium. Following the lucrative slasher boom of … Read The Full Article

Wes Craven's New Nightmare Freddy Collage

Meta Before Scream: Recalling the Genre-Bending Brilliance of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

Among Wes Craven’s filmography, 1994’s New Nightmare remains criminally underappreciated for its ahead-of-its-time meta-horror storytelling. After fatigue set in across six ponderous Nightmare on Elm Street sequels, Craven returned to restore creative passion by deconstructing … Read The Full Article

Vamp Vampire movie from the 80s reviewed in 2023

Return to the Neon-Soaked Vampire Dens of the 1980s with ‘Vamp’

Vamp: An Exotic, Stylized 80s Horror Gem Lost in the Neon Wonderland of Cult Cinema The 1980s represented a phenomenal boom period for the horror genre that shaped and defined the world of scary movies … Read The Full Article

Witchboard Remake horror movie

Wicked Witchboard Remake Channels Searing Scares and Modern Occult Obsessions

The newly released trailer for the Witchboard remake conjures up relentless chills with an early sequence depicting an unwitting seance gone wrong. Hands trembling, makeshift medium Emily grasps the wooden pendulum board as candles flicker … Read The Full Article