New Years Evil

This New Year’s Prepare for New Year’s Evil

This New Year’s, we at Horror Facts wanted to sift through every horror film centered around the holiday and let you know if it’s worth your time or if there are better ways to ring in the New Year. The first film on our list is the 1980 slasher film …

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Curtains (1983) Slasher Film Review

Curtains (1983) You Gotta See this Movie

After the financial success of Prom Night, the film’s producer, Peter R. Simpson, had the idea to create an “adult” slasher film. After three trying years, he was finally able to finish Curtains, which was met with a universally negative reception from both audiences and critics. In spite of this, …

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[Review] A Look back at Alone in the Dark 1982

Alone in the Dark is one of the most unknown horror films, but hopefully, our review will change that. It’s a lost masterpiece that’s worth seeing by as many people as possible. According to my information, Alone in the Dark was largely scorned during its original theatrical run, either being …

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Hellraiser Remake confirmed

It has been confirmed that a remake of Hellraiser is being produced and will be coming to the silver screen in the near future. Hellraiser was composed and coordinated by the legend Clive Barker, adjusting his own novella, The Hellbound Heart. As clarified by THR, the 1987 film acquainted crowds …

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