Raising Hell: The Twisted History of the Mythical Hellraiser: Bloodline Workprint

In the annals of horror history, few lost films are as revered and mythologized as Kevin Yagher’s apocryphal workprint of Hellraiser: Bloodline. This scarcely-seen director’s cut has become the stuff of legend among Hellraiser devotees, yet it has evaded our grasp for decades. But thanks to the arcane efforts of Arrow Video, this lost horror treasure is finally being summoned forth into the light. What dark secrets lie buried in its celluloid? Read on, gore … Read The Full Article

Hellraiser (2022) revitalization of an established franchise

Hellraiser 2022 Remake The Honest Review

The quality of the new Hellraiser is almost on par with that of the classic. One of the biggest problems with horror movies, especially remakes and reboots, is that the directors rarely understand what made the original version so popular. All they’re doing is trying to produce the same feeling. David Bruckner, who directed “The Night House,” along with writers Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski, all have a firm grasp of what makes Clive Barker’s … Read The Full Article

“Hellraiser” Reboot Will Be Rated R!

It should not come as a surprise that there will be a significant amount of bloodshed in the upcoming remake of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, which was originally released in 1987. There is “severe gruesome horror violence and gore, profanity throughout, some sexual subtext, and brief graphic nudity,” which led to the movie being granted a R rating. The movie will make its debut on Hulu at some time in the second half of this year, … Read The Full Article

Hellraiser The Original 1987 Film Retro Review 34 years later.

Hell Raiser 1987

A British horror film from 1987, Hellraiser explores the themes of sadomasochism, pain as a form of pleasure, and morality in times of crisis. This film is based on the critically acclaimed novella by Clive Barker, The Hellbound Heart. At the time of this retro movie review of Hellraiser, the film is 34 years old. It is seen by millions worldwide in its life span and has more movie sequels than you could even imagine. … Read The Full Article

New Hellraiser Film Will Feature Jamie Clayton as a Female Pinhead!

Hulu and Spyglass have announced Jamie Clayton will star in their upcoming Hellraiser adaptation. Jamie Clayton is best known for her roles in Sense-8 and The L Word: Generation Q. She will be the fourth actor to play Pinhead since Doug Bradley played the character on film for the first time in 1987. Among the cast is Odessa A’zion, whose role remains unnamed. Other stars joining the Hellraiser cast are are Brandon Flynn, Goran Visnjic, … Read The Full Article

‘Hellraiser Remake’ New Details Emerge with Female Lead

Hell Raiser Movie Remake on Hulu

The hot topic around the Hellraiser Remake has been reported to have taken a huge plunge forward, with questions still remaining, but we did get some answers. The Hellraiser Remake being released by Spyglass Media is planning on releasing exclusively as a Hulu release. They also have officially cast Odessa A’Zion who is known for Let’s Scare Julie to play the lead role in the film as Riley, citing sources coming from comicbook.com. The Horror Facts team has put together … Read The Full Article

Clive Barker Joining HBO ‘Hellraiser’ Series

Updates regarding the planned HBO ‘Hellraiser’ television series have been released. When the information first broke back in April that Pinhead would be coming to HBO, it was announced that the series would be written by Mark Verheiden (Swamp Thing) and Michael Dougherty (Trick ‘r Treat/Krampus), with David Gordon Green (Halloween) set to direct the initial episodes. Missing from the list was the man who created the ‘Hellraiser’ universe, Clive Barker. This has now changed, … Read The Full Article

NEW Hellraiser TV Show Coming to HBO

Hellraiser TV Show HBO 2021

Pinhead is coming to Home Box Office, a seperate Hellraiser entity from the upcoming theatrical remake. This is great news for us horror fans as Hellraiser has always been a favorite of die hard horror movie fans. The details on the show are relatively vague at this time but what we do know is that the TV series will be directed by David Gordon Green (Halloween, Halloween Kills). The writing and backbone of the stories … Read The Full Article

Hellraiser Remake confirmed

New remake of Hellraiser Pinhead Female

It has been confirmed that a remake of Hellraiser is being produced and will be coming to the silver screen in the near future. Hellraiser was composed and coordinated by the legend Clive Barker, adjusting his own novella, The Hellbound Heart. As clarified by THR, the 1987 film acquainted crowds with a demonic riddle box that opens a passage to an awful world and releases Cenobites, disfigured creatures committed to torment and drove by one … Read The Full Article