Powerful EVP speaking to the dead with mobile devices.

EVP Mobile apps android and iOS

Many paranormal enthusiast are using powerful EVP techniques rely on the abilities to create static sound waves in hopes that something or someone from the spirit world will be able to use this energy to communicate back to the listener on an audio band that that usually is not possible for human ears to hear … Read more

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5 Bad Titles; 1 Great Film: Deadly Games, A Christmas Horror Trendsetter

Dial code Santa Claus3615 code Pere NoelGame OverHide and Freak Sometimes finding a foreign film can be quite challenging, especially one that hits such a niche market. But, with its reminiscence, so adjacent to a North American Christmas staple, Home Alone, you can’t go wrong in picking up a film with five different titles that … Read more

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YouTube the home of true paranormal ghost hunting.

YouTube is a great video streaming platform that is used by millions of people everyday to watch videos ranging from cats doing funny things on camera all the way to streaming paid programming from YouTube premium to catch Cobra Kai on demand. There is no doubt that YouTube is an amazing platform for people to … Read more

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Chronicles of a Film Festival; HorrOrigins 2020: More Reviews Inside.

Film festivals are a great way to view films or short films that haven’t quite hit the market yet, sometimes waiting on a wider release or running the circuit in an attempt to be picked up by distribution companies. Here are three more gems from the HorrOrigins film festival. Momma, Dont Go.Directed By: Rafael De … Read more

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Fun House (2020) Big Brother meets the Horror Genre.

Fun House 2020

Fun house is a Reality TV show, think Big Brother… with a murderous twist. When the house guest or fun house player with the lowest number of votes is tallied they don’t make it out of the house alive. The film is not a main stream film, but you know what its actually quite good, … Read more

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THE BEACH HOUSE is a Mind Bending Cosmic Horror Standout

(MINOR OUT OF CONTEXT SPOILERS) Out of the myriad of subgenres within horror, one stands coveted…very few have done it right, while many have done it wrong. That subgenre is cosmic horror. Films like The Void (2016), In the Mouth of Madness (1994), and Event Horizon (1997) are some of the films that succeed within … Read more

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Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers Producers Cut

Once upon a time there existed a bootleg version of the movie Halloween 6 he Curse of Michael Myers, this version included a very different story line then the one most people are used to seeing, however if you were watching television in the 90s you may have seen the producers cut of Halloween 6 … Read more

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Stephen King Wants to write a book about Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees.

Friday the 13th Stephen King

The unthinkable, unfathomable has happened legendary writer Stephen King has stated on his Twitter account that he would love nothing more than than to write a book in the form of first person about Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th Franchise. He wrote: “The best novel idea I never wrote (and probably never will) … Read more

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NEW Hellraiser TV Show Coming to HBO

Hellraiser TV Show HBO 2021

Pinhead is coming to Home Box Office, a seperate Hellraiser entity from the upcoming theatrical remake. This is great news for us horror fans as Hellraiser has always been a favorite of die hard horror movie fans. The details on the show are relatively vague at this time but what we do know is that … Read more

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JASON BLUM post COVID-19 OG Halloween poster.

blumhouse halloween covid-19 poster

Blumhouse and chief director David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills is said to be greater, badder, and meaner than the first. In any case, it would appear that maker Jason Blum is keeping his comical inclination as he simply shared a fun (and comical image) Halloween spoof banner roused by the ongoing isolation’s around the world. … Read more

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