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Lloyd Kaufman, the acclaimed and influential director who directed this film, made his first motion picture. The BATTLE OF LOVE’S RETURN includes Oliver Stone and Lynn Lowery, as well as Lloyd himself and Stanley Kaufman (Lloyd’s father), who give a complete performance.

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Associated with the film as assistant director was future director Allan Moyle. Howard Thompson of the New York Times praised the film, stating, “Lloyd Kaufman, the man behind the camera who also plays the lead role, demonstrates his talent in this commercial endeavor”. The New York magazine quoted Judith Crist comparing Kaufman to Woody Allen and Mel Brooks.

In comparison, Kaufman’s father gave the film the worst review: he said he liked “the scene where Lloyd gets shot”.

I’m sure Lloyd Kaufman would be furious that we are selling something from movie history, but he’s 75 years old and going senile, so he probably has no idea what the movie was about.