OPERATION: The Nightmare Before Christmas Game Board

Hey everyone, Steve here with another horror gift idea for this holiday season. This time it’s a dark The Nightmare Before Christmas twist on Operation.

You are performing surgery on a monster from The Nightmare Before Christmas, so the board is created as any standard operation board game would be. Those in your family who like board games, collectibles, or just want a nice conversation piece will surely enjoy receiving this game this Christmas.

The best part of operation was when you accidentally touched the side of the machine and got shocked! At first you’re scared, but then you laugh. That’s not the case with this one. Instead of vibrating, his eyes and mouth light up when he rotates phrases from the boogieman. A deck of cards and some money are also included, just like in a monopoly game… My initial reaction was surprise, but I suppose it could be a fun change.

Operation Horror Board Game

As part of Operation The Nightmare Before Christmas, you must remove the spine-tingling ‘Funatomy’ parts infesting Oogie Boogie. Play the cards from his Club Foot, the keys from his Lock Jaw, a few bones with ‘Fingers Crossed’, and the spinner from his game board causing his ‘Dizzy Spell’, among other ailments. With your trusty tweezers, target the icky foreign object on your doctor card but don’t let them touch the edges of his burlap sack or he’ll go off!

Operation Horror Board Game

This collector’s edition of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas offers fans the chance to be the surgeon as they remove custom Funatomy parts from the patient.

Operation Horror Board Game

There are custom removable parts including snakes, spiders, dice, worms, needles and threads, a roulette wheel, cards, keys, bones, scorpions, bats, and bugs. Get the best of both worlds by making Operation: Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas 25 Years the life of your party!

Although it operates differently, I enjoyed the sounds Boogie makes when you hit a side. The money and cards work well, too. And the board seems solid and well made!

You can grab the board game over at nightmare toys and other collectible retailers. Remember it’s only 50 days till Christmas and it wont be long coming now so why not grab this for the horror collector in your life maybe its a friend, a child or just that creepy Steve guy, this board will make them happy.