The Ultimate Halloween Terror Continues: Stop Michael Myers in Halloween II: The Game

As a lifelong Halloween franchise fanatic, I’ve been counting the days until Halloween II: The Game, an amazing new retro board game that faithfully captures the chilling events of the 1981 slasher sequel. Fright-Rags and Stop the Killer have outdone themselves, transporting players back to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital for a desperate life-or-death struggle against the menacing Michael Myers.

In Halloween II: The Game, You Try to Stop Michael Myers

In Halloween II: The Game, you take on the role of beloved characters from the film, including Dr. Loomis, Sheriff Brackett, Nurse Karen, and more, in an attempt to stop Michael from butchering Laurie Strode. Made for 1 to 4 players, the game features a double-sided board allowing Michael to stalk and kill across 3 levels of difficulty. One side recreates the hospital in disturbing detail so Michael can hunt the halls, slashing anyone in his path. Players must work together, collecting weapons, facing obstacles, setting traps and answering tricky trivia to survive while evading the killing machine around every corner.

Retro 80’s Details and More in the Kickstarter Edition

The other side of the board represents downtown Haddonfield for expanded gameplay. The Kickstarter edition comes with killer extras like expansion packs adding 8 characters (Laurie Strode!) and 10 cards for more slaying action. Stretch goals unlock even more upgrades for the ultimate Halloween II experience.

Perfect for Hardcore Halloween Fans

As a hardcore Halloween devotee, I couldn’t be more impressed with the painstaking details in this board game, from the retro VHS box art to the eerie 80’s synth soundtrack. Everything oozes nostalgia for the golden age of slashers. The gameplay itself is fast, fun and intense, dropping you into a heart-pounding chase where teamwork is the only way out. Going up against an unstoppable force like Michael Myers, just like the movie, creates a gaming experience Halloween fans won’t soon forget!

Back the Kickstarter Campaign Today!

The Halloween II: The Game Kickstarter runs until July 13, with rewards shipping in December. Pledge $59 for the exclusive first edition, essential for any horror fan. On Halloween, evil never dies…but maybe this time, you can defeat it! Back this campaign today and prepare for a terrifying trip down memory lane into the darkest hours of Halloween II. When the call is coming from inside the house…will you survive Halloween II: The Game?