Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers Producers Cut

Once upon a time there existed a bootleg version of the movie Halloween 6 he Curse of Michael Myers, this version included a very different story line then the one most people are used to seeing, however if you were watching television in the 90s you may have seen the producers cut of Halloween 6 as it was aired on some cable networks one Halloween.

The Producer’s Cut of Halloween 6 is a different take on the sixth installment in the Halloween film franchise. It was put together by Moustapha Akkad, the original producer of the picture, and it contains footage that was omitted from the version of the film that was shown in theaters.

I originally seen the Halloween 6 the producers cut when I was quite young, years later I seen the theatrical cut and thought that I had gone mad, asking myself where are the druids and the mark of Samhain? This film was released back in 1995, but the actual producers cut was only released officially in 2018.

What are the differences in The Curse of Michael Myers Producers Cut?

Because Jamie from Halloween 4 and 5 is present throughout the entirety of the film in the producer’s cut of the movie, as opposed to the theatrical cut of the movie, in which she is killed off immediately at the beginning of the movie, the time space continuum for the movie is altered as a result of this, offering a different story all together.

It is generally agreed that the Producer’s Cut of Halloween 6 is a more faithful representation of the original script, despite the fact that it has a different pace and tone than the version that was shown in theaters. The newly inserted film offers not just additional violent and suspenseful situations, but also additional backstory for the main characters. In addition to that, it has a unique finale that, in comparison to the one in the original, is thought to be more fulfilling.

One interesting detail is that Dr. Loomis plays a more significant part, and he is the one who provides the voice overs for the sequences in which Tommy does the explaining.

The storyline has been altered, and it is now linked to the back story of season of the witch – Halloween 3, in which the druids and the marking of their cult are responsible for manipulating Michael’s psyche.

The climax has also been altered, and while the new version is kind of humorous, we don’t want to give away too much of the movie, so we’ll let you discover it for yourself.

There are many small changes throughout the film, dark figures telling people to kill while cloaked in shadows, lots more of Loomis and the list goes on.

So which film is better? We will leave that one up to you the reader.