The Ultimate Halloween Time Line for Michael Myers

The Ultimate Michael Myers Halloween Timeline And Facts

In the Halloween film franchise, Michael Myers is a fictitious character that appears in a number of slasher flicks. John Carpenter’s Halloween premiered in 1978, and he made his debut as a little kid who goes on to murder his older sister, Judith Myers. He returns to his hometown of …

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Halloween Ends the final scene

Halloween Ends Has Various Final Scenes

It has been brought to our attention that the impending box office smash Halloween Ends contains a number of potential ending scenes, but the director has not yet decided which one will be included in the completed version of the highly anticipated horror movie. Regarding the climactic conclusion, filmmaker David …

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Halloween Ends Poster

Why Is Halloween Ends Rated R?

This October, Halloween Ends will make its debut in theatres, marking Jamie Lee Curtis’ last appearance as Laurie Strode in the Halloween film franchise. To the satisfaction of audiences, the horror subgenre has been on a winning streak for some years now. There have been a number of excellent horror …

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Why Does Michael Myers Kill

Why Does Michael Myers Kill?

Do we really want to know the man behind the mask? Many people will agree that what makes Michael Myers such a menacing figure in horror cinema is the fact that we don’t have a clear picture of why he kills. It is this unknown element that makes him such …

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Halloween Ends 2022 Film

First Official ‘Halloween Ends’ Trailer Released

This October, the boogeyman returns in the first official trailer for ‘Halloween Ends’, the highly anticipated final installment in director David Gordon Green’s rebooted trilogy. A film that promises to be the final showdown between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. The short one-minute and sixteen-second trailer opens from Michael’s perspective …

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Halloween 2018 Goofs and Mistakes

Halloween (2018) Goofs, Mistakes And Plot Holes

For many people, Halloween is synonymous with not just the festival that occurs every calendar year, but also with the cult classic film known merely as ‘Halloween,’ which was initially made by John Carpenter in the 1970s and has been re-released MANY times throughout the years for better or for …

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Halloween Ends Movie

Halloween Ends New Details Emerge! Read on for Details.

We have some fresh news about the upcoming Halloween Ends which is the follow-up and conclusion to the Blumhouse Halloween Franchise. Halloween Ends will take place directly after the events that unfolded in Halloween Kills, and as the title says it ‘Ends’, NICK CASTLE has promised that the Blumhouse feature …

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Halloween Kills Extended Cut All the details and info on new ending

Halloween Kills Extended Edition The Differences

Halloween Kills the Extended Cut offers some additional content including an alternate ending to the original film, while this is the definitive version to add to your collection at the time of posting this article there is no ‘major’ changes other then additional content, if you watched the original on …

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Halloween Ends

‘Halloween Ends’ The Script is Written

In more Halloween news, it appears that the script for Halloween Ends has been finalized and is awaiting approval from John Carpenter. Blumhouse’s reboot of the Halloween world was planned as a three-part saga. The second instalment of the film–trilogy, Halloween Kills, hits the Peacock streaming service and cinemas this …

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