Chernobyl Diaries

Re-Examining the Radioactive Horrors of Chernobyl Diaries

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986 stands as one of the most chilling events of the 20th century. An uncontained reactor explosion leading to mass radiation poisoning seems ripe for hair-raising fiction. Yet it took until 2012 for a feature horror film to directly harness Chernobyl’s terrifying mystique. Directed by …

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Danvers State Hospital the true story

Danvers State Hospital Facts

There is a lunatic asylum in Danvers, Massachusetts, also known as The Danvers State Hospital. As a psychiatric hospital founded in 1874, it opened its doors in 1878. Danvers State Hospital was built on many acres, meant to be autonomous and isolated from its surroundings. Despite the high cost of …

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Abandoned New Emma Roberts 2022 Horror Movie

Abandoned The New Emma Roberts Horror Movie

‘Abandoned’ follows Sara (Emma Roberts), Alex (John Gallagher Jr.) and their baby boy as they relocate into a secluded farmhouse with a dark, sad history,’ reads the description. It becomes clear that the family’s home has a dark history that puts the mother’s well-being and the safety of her newborn …

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