Re-Examining the Radioactive Horrors of Chernobyl Diaries

Chernobyl Diaries

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986 stands as one of the most chilling events of the 20th century. An uncontained reactor explosion leading to mass radiation poisoning seems ripe for hair-raising fiction. Yet it took until 2012 for a feature horror film to directly harness Chernobyl’s terrifying mystique. Directed by Bradley Parker, Chernobyl Diaries used the infamous Exclusion Zone as the backdrop for a gruesome survival tale. Critics dismissed the film as derivative, but it … Read The Full Article

Captive Scout Taylor-Compton Sinks Her Teeth into Vampirism in Tubi’s

Tubi 2023 Captive

Tubi continues churning out lively original genre films to devour, and their 2021 vampire outing Captive should sufficiently sate B-movie fans’ bloodlust. Helmed by director Gregg Simon, this fast-paced creature feature combines familiar tropes with engrossing twists to deliver modest but entertaining horror action. And leading lady Scout Taylor-Compton shines as a mild-mannered young woman turned ruthless femme fatale after being “turned.” Captive quickly introduces us to a group of rather foolish friends who decide … Read The Full Article