Captive Scout Taylor-Compton Sinks Her Teeth into Vampirism in Tubi’s

Tubi continues churning out lively original genre films to devour, and their 2021 vampire outing Captive should sufficiently sate B-movie fans’ bloodlust. Helmed by director Gregg Simon, this fast-paced creature feature combines familiar tropes with engrossing twists to deliver modest but entertaining horror action. And leading lady Scout Taylor-Compton shines as a mild-mannered young woman turned ruthless femme fatale after being “turned.”

Captive quickly introduces us to a group of rather foolish friends who decide breaking into a mansion to party all weekend is a genius idea. Naturally, this temptation of fate leads them to a chained-up Cody Frank in the basement. Once freed, this mysterious Drake reveals his vampiric nature and sets his sights on Taylor-Compton’s Ashley as his new protege and lover.

Taylor-Compton clearly relishes the opportunity to embrace her dark side as newly vampiric Ashley. Her initially timid character transforms into a sly and seductive agent of chaos once gifted with fangs and a thirst for blood. The actress makes the transition from meek to merciless abundantly fun to watch. Ashley’s gleeful indulgence in her newfound powers provides Captive a deliciously unhinged lead performance.

Vampire Female

As Ashley’s clueless friends and impromptu party guests meet grisly fates, Taylor-Compton exudes devious charm. Her palpable enthusiasm for the over-the-top role and commitment to vampiric madness enhances the B-movie shenanigans considerably. A sultry striptease scene highlights her ability to hold the screen through equal parts talent and titillation. The film delights in outrageous carnage, and Taylor-Compton gamely leads the charge.

While no game-changer, Captive moves briskly and embraces chaos once the creature feature elements take center stage. Gushing practical gore effects and frenetic editing keep the pace pressing forward. The plot may strain credibility, but the actors attack the campy material with gusto. Genre fans seeking some tongue-in-fanged diversion could do far worse than taking a chance on this scrappy indie bloodbath. Sometimes a healthy dose of excess hits the spot.

So pick your jaw up off the floor, wipe the plasma from your chin, and sink your teeth into Scout Taylor-Compton’s unleashed performance in Tubi’s latest original horror romp Captive. This vampire potboiler mixes familiar flavors into an adequately tasty B-movie cocktail. Just don’t expect anything more than fleeting, trashy fun in its straightforward recipe. Fortunately, a little blood goes a long way.

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