Silent Hill 2006 revisit it’s been 15 years!

Silent Hill

The movie adaptation of the Silent Hill video game was released back in 2006, the critics at the time destroyed the movie as I’m guessing they had not played any of the fantastic video games that were floating around on the consoles of the previous generations, namely PlayStation. With this being said, the games were … Read more

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Censor 2021 Movie Review of a British Horror

Censor 2021 Horror Movie Review

A film that not only makes you feel very tripped out but adds a colorful layer of horror enter the Censor 2021 Movie Review A cunning and discreetly disrupting thrill ride about a British film censor during the 1980s who starts to think she is seeing her long-missing sister in an unpleasant horror movie or … Read more

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Blood Quantum, the recent zombie movie to come out of Canada, tries to stand out, but never really hits its mark.

The movie starts off in the Red Crow Indian Reservation in the year 1981. Not long into the movie it starts to follow the script for almost every zombie movie before it. Animals start to get infected and soon it spreads to off screen reports about people attacking and biting other people. Just like clockwork … Read more

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[Review] The Lodge 2019

The Lodge 2019 Horror Movie Expert Review

I came away with mixed feelings after watching The Lodge. Many parts were super relatable. Firstly, grieving over the loss of a mother or loved one. My mother recently passed away so that hit home. Secondly, Parents going through a divorce. Finally, the awkwardness of an introduction to the soon to be step-parent. For those … Read more

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