Blood Quantum, the recent zombie movie to come out of Canada, tries to stand out, but never really hits its mark.

The movie starts off in the Red Crow Indian Reservation in the year 1981. Not long into the movie it starts to follow the script for almost every zombie movie before it. Animals start to get infected and soon it spreads to off screen reports about people attacking and biting other people. Just like clockwork … Read more

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Day of the Dead A Romero 1985 Classic Zombie Movie

Romeros Day of the Dead film from the year 1985

Day of the Dead was coming to theaters everywhere, the year was 1985, it had been seven years since the release of the critically acclaimed dawn of the dead which was released in 1978. The horror industry was now in the slasher era of Michel Myers from Halloween, and Jason from Friday the 13th along … Read more

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28 Days Later the perfect zombie Pandemic Movie

28 Days Later Horror Pandemic Movie

Are we headed into the world of 28 days later? The world is headed even deeper into the world being locked down sometimes we find ourselves looking for something similar to whats going on, while there certainly is no rage virus involved with covid-19. However its interesting to see how the characters survive and come … Read more

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