Mia Goth

Oscar for Mia Goth? Ti West Thinks So.

Ti West, the director of the horror movie Pearl, recently spoke out about the issue of the Oscars snubbing horror movies and how he believes that Mia Goth deserved a nomination for her unique performance in the film. In an interview with The Independent, West stated that while he doesn’t …

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Zak Bagans

Nick Groff Lights Up Partner Zak Bagans

In the world of American paranormal documentary and reality TV, few shows have reached the heights of Ghost Adventures. The show started as a documentary filmed by then-unknown investigator Zak Bagans and his team in 2004, which allegedly captured actual footage of paranormal activity. The documentary was later picked up …

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Exploring with Fighters Abandoned Overnight Camping Details

Exploring With Fighters Haunted Overnight Camping Series

Exploring With Fighters is a YouTube channel that features a variety of high-quality videos. These videos include Dan, the channel’s host, exploring abandoned locations, haunted locations, ghost hunting, driving a boat to otherwise inaccessible locations, and of course, the topic of this article, camping in haunted locations. When it comes …

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The Ultimate Halloween Time Line for Michael Myers

The Ultimate Michael Myers Halloween Timeline And Facts

In the Halloween film franchise, Michael Myers is a fictitious character that appears in a number of slasher flicks. John Carpenter’s Halloween premiered in 1978, and he made his debut as a little kid who goes on to murder his older sister, Judith Myers. He returns to his hometown of …

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Sleepaway Camp Watch for Free

Free Movie Friday: Sleepaway Camp Trilogy

As the last week of January 2022 comes to a close, you are getting off work for an epic weekend with your friends, or perhaps ready to horror movie and chill. This weekend why not check out the awesome Sleepaway Camp trilogy, ALL THREE FILMS ARE FREE TO WATCH. You …

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The Horrific True Crimes of Serial Killer Ed Gein

Most fans in the horror community are familiar with the name Ed Gein – the man whose crimes went on to serve as the basis for Norman Bates in ‘Psycho,’ Buffalo Bill in ‘Silence of the Lambs,’ and, most famously, as the inspiration behind Tobe Hooper’s chainsaw-wielding character Leatherface in …

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