Exploring With Fighters Haunted Overnight Camping Series

Exploring with Fighters Abandoned Overnight Camping Details

Exploring With Fighters is a YouTube channel that features a variety of high-quality videos. These videos include Dan, the channel’s host, exploring abandoned locations, haunted locations, ghost hunting, driving a boat to otherwise inaccessible locations, and of course, the topic of this article, camping in haunted locations. When it comes to some of the things that Dan and his friends do in the videos, I find the boating adventures to be extreme and hands down … Read The Full Article

Facts About Pendle Hill, England Witches And Ghosts

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill is located near the towns of Burnley, Nelson, Colne, Brierfield, Clitheroe, and Padiham in Lancashire, England. Its peak rises 557 meters (1,827 feet) above sea level. The Borough of Pendle is named after it. It’s a lonely hill in the Pennines, divided from the South Pennines to the east, the Bowland Fells to the northwest, and the West Pennine Moors to the south by the South Pennines. It is located in a section … Read The Full Article