Exploring With Fighters Haunted Overnight Camping Series

Exploring With Fighters is a YouTube channel that features a variety of high-quality videos. These videos include Dan, the channel’s host, exploring abandoned locations, haunted locations, ghost hunting, driving a boat to otherwise inaccessible locations, and of course, the topic of this article, camping in haunted locations.

Dan from Exploring with Fighters sitting in a tent

When it comes to some of the things that Dan and his friends do in the videos, I find the boating adventures to be extreme and hands down ultra original in comparison to many other exploring channels. Personally, I have been watching the Exploring With Fighters YouTube channel for a very long time and have always found the content to be fairly exciting and extremely unique.

It’s also worth noting that Dan from Exploring with Fighters is not a newcomer to the industry, having appeared in videos with major youtubers and other prominent paranormal characters such as Josh from Exploring with Josh, Steve Ronin, Proving Demons, and the list goes on.

They have been presenting a revolutionary arrangement where the paranormal investigative team or just Dan and his pals select a haunted site and literally carry a whole set of gear for ghost hunting and CAMPING! This includes lighting, fire pits, tents, and yes, even cooking equipment. After all, if you’re going to go camping, you might as well make the most of it and prepare some meals, right?

Exploring With Fighters Overnight Camping

Although there are several camping videos on YouTube, none are quite like the ones that Caged Dan has been making for the Exploring with Fighters Camping Series, of which they have published eight episodes so far. When it comes to originality, this is as good as it gets.

The videos are exceptionally shot and give you the impression that you are right there with them; none of the team are professional actors by any means; it feels more like a group of friends decided one day that they are going to gear up with as much ghost hunting equipment as possible, buy a few tents for the crew, and venture out into places like a Haunted Abandoned Asylum or, better yet, a movie set.

If you appreciate ghost hunting television shows or follow other youtubers who do the ghost hunting thing, you should check out Exploring with Fighters. The channel has highly interesting stuff and an even better presenter. I’ve included the playlist for the abandoned series below so you can get a taste of this incredible overnight camping experience.

Check out the rest of the videos from Exploring with Fighters over on their YouTube channel. Be sure to give him a like I’m sure he will appreciate it.