Nick Groff Lights Up Partner Zak Bagans

Zak Bagans

In the world of American paranormal documentary and reality TV, few shows have reached the heights of Ghost Adventures. The show started as a documentary filmed by then-unknown investigator Zak Bagans and his team in 2004, which allegedly captured actual footage of paranormal activity. The documentary was later picked up by the SyFy (nee Sci-Fi) Channel in 2007 and became an instant hit. It wasn’t long before the show inspired a television reality series of the same name, which premiered on The Travel Channel in 2008.

It’s worth noting that Ghost Hunters, another popular paranormal investigation reality show, had already been a mainstay on SyFy since 2004 and had already spanned 11 seasons.

Both Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters have found new life on Discovery+ with spin-offs and new seasons. However, in recent times, Ghost Adventures has been the subject of rumors and harsh accusations, particularly against its host Zak Bagans. From allegations of career sabotage to being difficult to work with, Bagans has been vilified by some former members of his team.

Nick Groff, one of the original creators of Ghost Adventures, took to Twitter recently to speak out about his former business partner. Although Groff didn’t mention Bagans by name in the video, he made it clear that he was referring to the host of Ghost Adventures. Groff’s comments have added fuel to the fire of controversy surrounding Bagans.

Others on Bagans’ team worked hard to make the show as iconic as it is, with Groff even having helped come up with the show’s name. However, in comparison, Bagans is like the lead singer of a rock band, and his investigators just aren’t as visible.

On the other hand, Groff has become a pop culture favorite in his own right since going solo. His show Paranormal Lockdown, which he executive produced, found a huge following. Fans were disappointed when the show ended in 2019, as seen in his Twitter Q&A.

The controversy surrounding Ghost Adventures and Zak Bagans shows no signs of slowing down, and Nick Groff’s recent comments have only added to the drama.

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