Crystal Lake: Friday the 13th TV Series Update!

Friday the 13th TV Series with Adrienne King and Bryan Fuller set to Release in 2024

Adrienne King, best known for her portrayal of Alice Hardy, the final girl in the 1980 classic horror film Friday the 13th, is set to return to the franchise after more than forty years. The franchise is getting a new lease of life with a TV series called Crystal Lake, which is being produced by the creator of Hannibal, Bryan Fuller. This upcoming series will be made possible through the collaboration of several stakeholders, including Victor Miller and Rob Barsamian, who hold the franchise rights, A24, and Peacock streaming service.

In a recent social media post, King revealed that the much-anticipated series is set to arrive in 2024. Fuller had previously confirmed that he had mapped out three seasons of Crystal Lake, and the show would be a “pre-remake-quel” that could incorporate elements from the entire Friday the 13th franchise. Peacock has committed to running the show for at least two seasons, and there are potential financial penalties for them if they do not honor this commitment.

Fans of the franchise will be excited to know that the show will feature many familiar manifestations of Jason, the franchise’s iconic killer. Moreover, it will cover the life and times of two characters, presumably referring to Pamela and Jason. To keep up with the times, the show will feature two scores, a modern one and a classic Harry Manfredini one.

Although some fans were hoping for a premiere this October, a 2024 release is more feasible since the writing team, which includes original Scream screenwriter Kevin Williamson, only started working on the scripts at the end of January. There are two Friday the 13ths in 2024, but they are not until September and December.

The Friday the 13th franchise will soon be resurrected through the upcoming TV series, Crystal Lake. The show’s excellent team, including Bryan Fuller, Victor Miller, Rob Barsamian, A24, and Peacock streaming service.