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Free Friday Night Horror Movie ‘Day of The Dead’ October 1st 2021

Woah it’s Friday October 1st, 2021 already marking our 2nd free movie Friday and tonight’s epic free to watch film is a true George Romero classic Day of the Dead 1985.

Horror Facts recently published a review on the film and we decided that it was such a good film that it will be the movie of the week.

An underground bunker in Florida is overrun by zombies, creating a dilemma for a team of scientists and military personnel. The group must decide whether they should educate, eliminate or flee from the undead horde.


In an underground bunker in Florida, scientists and military personnel live amidst a world ruled by zombies. Military leaders are angry at the scientists’ gruesome experiments with the undead. Ultimately, the military finds out that their men have been used in the scientists’ experiments, and they banishes them to the caves where the Living Dead live. The bunker is now being overrun by zombies from above.

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There were three things handed out to all of the extras who played zombies in the end credits: a cap, the newspaper from the beginning of the film (which stated THE DEAD WALK! ), and one dollar.


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