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Upon starting work at a problematic inner-city high school, a new teacher quickly finds himself at odds with the delinquent head of a punk crew that rules the school.

At the graffiti-covered Lincoln High School, there’s something weird going on, as teachers are carrying loaded firearms and kids must pass through a metal detector before entering the classroom. And before long, the school’s new music instructor, Andrew Norris, will discover firsthand that the situation is far worse than it seems, as the drug-infested institution is the domain of the charismatic Peter Stegman and his vicious band of deranged followers. Now, given the current predicament, it’s just a matter of time until the professor and the student come to blows, with potentially disastrous results. But, do extreme circumstances necessitate the use of extreme measures? Is there a cure for violence at the end of the day?

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Several genuine tales of school violence that Mark L. Lester had read about in newspapers served as inspiration for the film, according to Lester. In instance, there was a tale of a teacher who took a pistol to class in order to control his pupils, and a sequence from that story was used in the film.