Watch thousands of free horror movies

Where can you Watch Horror Movies for Free? Find out.

Everyone loves free movies, but free horror movies are even better in this guide we will provide you several ways that you can stream hundreds of horror movies absolutely free and legal. It’s always nice to be able to watch free movies, but free horror movies are even better. In this article, we will show you several legal ways to stream hundreds of HD horror films for free. If there are so many ways to watch movies online for free, why would you spend your hard-earned money on movies?  

Everyone can stream horror movies for free

The best way to watch Hollywood movies for free online is through various streaming methods, which are available through the internet. Find out how to watch a horror movie online for free using our guide. These are not paid services like Netflix, Hulu or Peacock but rather websites that stream horror movies to you at no cost. Let’s get started with our first free horror streaming service.

Stream Horror Movies with Tubi for Free

Tubi the home of free horror movies and much more.

There is a website called Tubi that offers a wide selection of movies, from horror movies to action movies, thrillers to comedy movies, and even tv shows. They have an annual event called Terror on Tubi. Tubi is available for free on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, PlayStation, and any web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Offering a huge selection of horror is one of the best parts of Tubi, not only is it free to stream horror movies it offers you the option to watch them on your television though one of their supported devices, alternatively you could take tubi wtih you on your cell phone and watch horror movies while on the go.

You don’t need an account or credit card to start watching the free movies on Tubi you just visit the website find a movie and press play. In contrast you could create a free account to support resuming playback and keeping track of what you watch, personally I think an account works best but you don’t need one to enjoy free streaming horror movies on Tubi.

Tune into Tubi for free HD Horror Movies on demand

All Horror the home of free legal horror streaming movies hundreds to choose from.
Browse nearly every horror movie ever made

All Horror a free streaming website over 233 free horror movies. offers a complete database of free to watch 233+ horror movies and only horror movies for free, they have some super rare titles and even those epic Friday the 13th fan films such as Never Hike In The Snow (2020), Never Hike Alone (2017) which makes this a must have bookmark for the most savage of horror fans. You don’t need an account to start watching on the website you simply pick your film and press play, pop a bag of popcorn and enjoy the film without spending any money to watch horror movies.

I find that the AllHorror website is my goto rare free stream site for watching rare horror movies that you will not find streaming anywhere else on the internet, its an ideal source for esoteric horror that not everyone knows about but you certainly can discover these films streaming for free on AllHorror

Start watching rare horror movies for free on

Crackle offers high definition horror movies at no cost

Crackle is perhaps a household name by now but don’t let that fool you, for residents inside the United States or those with a USA VPN or browser extension you can watch a hefty amount of horror movies for free with Crackle, they even have some of the original Friday the 13th films and the V/H/S lineup streaming on crackle right now so that’s a treat.

Visit and start watching horror movies for free

Watching your favorite horror movies and discovering new films to watch while keeping the money in your wallet just got a lot easier with all these great solutions to start saving your money and watching movies online for free is the best way to end a work day, you pay nothing and watch everything, no catch, no gimmick its just free horror movies all the time.