AMC Theaters Charging A Higher Fee Based on Seat Location

AMC Theaters

Movie theaters are a place where we go to escape reality and enjoy some amusement, but with the most recent shift by AMC Theatres, that straightforward pleasure is becoming harder and harder to find. Sightline at AMC is the latest ticket price effort to be adopted by the nation’s largest exhibition chain, which charges moviegoers based on the location of their seat within the theater. This new pricing structure has already been put into effect … Read The Full Article

Regal Cinemas will close 39 theaters in the United States due to bankruptcy.

Regal Cinemas to Shut Down 39 U.S. Theaters Amid Bankruptcy

According to legal documents obtained by Variety, Regal Cinemas, the second-largest chain of movie theaters in the United States, will close 39 locations as a result of the bankruptcy filing made by Cineworld, the chain’s parent company, in September. The closures of the theaters, which are primarily located in the states of Florida, California, and Texas, come as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to strike the cinema industry, and the number of people who go to … Read The Full Article