Mia Goth

Oscar for Mia Goth? Ti West Thinks So.

Ti West, the director of the horror movie Pearl, recently spoke out about the issue of the Oscars snubbing horror movies and how he believes that Mia Goth deserved a nomination for her unique performance in the film. In an interview with The Independent, West stated that while he doesn’t …

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The 2023 release, "Infinity Pool," is a science fiction horror film that features the talent of international actors Alexander Skarsgård, Mia Goth, and Cleopatra Coleman. Written and directed by Brandon Cronenberg, the film tells the story of a writer on vacation who encounters a mysterious woman and uncovers sinister secrets outside of the resort.

A Nightmarish Journey into the Infinity Pool (2023)

Infinity Pool, the latest production from writer/director Brandon Cronenberg, explores the deep-rooted question of what constitutes identity. The movie showcases a unique style that has been referred to as “tech noir,” and it raises complex questions that it doesn’t answer. With its focus on the attitudes and peccadilloes of the …

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