Mia Goth Says ‘MaXXXine’ the Best of the ‘X’ and ‘Pearl’ Films

MaXXXine, a sequel to last year’s movies X and Pearl.

With the release of MaXXXine, the third and final film in his X trilogy, director Ti West will bring the series to a satisfying conclusion. Confused? You shouldn’t! The first film in the series was called “X” and was set in the 1970s. The second film in the series, Pearl, was a prequel and was set in 1918. And MaXXXine is a continuation of X that takes place in the 1980s. In spite of the … Read The Full Article

Pearl Review The origin story of X’s iconic villain

Pearl Movie Review

Pearl (Mia Goth) isn’t herself, and she has no idea what the problem is. She’s too rigid to change her behaviour, such as when she dances atop a haystack while holding a pitchfork or when she secretly kills animals. She longs to leave her Texas farm of 1918 behind and find the kind of love that comes with becoming an actor, a persona that can let you hide your actual identity. The fact that she … Read The Full Article