Mia Goth in Final Talks to Join Mahershala Ali in Marvel’s Blade Reboot

British actress Mia Goth is close to finalizing a deal to join Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali in Marvel Studios’ reboot of Blade, according to Deadline. If the deal closes, as expected, Goth would play a key co-starring role opposite Ali’s Blade, the half-mortal vampire hunter Eric Brooks. 

While details on Goth’s potential character are scarce, speculation points to her playing some type of villainous or vampiric character given the supernatural nature of the franchise. However, Marvel and reps for Goth have declined to comment on any casting for the film at this stage.  

 Goth, 27, is best known for her chilling performances in horror films like the remake of Suspiria and Emma, as well as the post-apocalyptic thriller The Survivalist. Her experience in unsettling and intense genres would make her a fantastic addition to the darker world of Blade. A relative newcomer, her breakout performance came in Suspiria, which premiered in 2018. She has been building her resume with memorable roles on film and television since 2011.

The original Blade trilogy, released between 1998 to 2004, starred Wesley Snipes as the title character. The films are known for their innovative fight sequences, Gothic visual style, and for helping launch the modern superhero film era that led to today’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. By bringing in an acclaimed actor like Ali to reboot the franchise, and co-stars like Goth with experience in stylish and unsettling genres, Marvel appears to be aiming to recapture the magic of the original trilogy while modernizing it for today’s audiences.

Production on the Blade reboot is set to begin in July 2021, with the film scheduled to open on November 3, 2023 as part of Marvel’s Phase 5 slate of films and shows. Along with Ali as the title character, the film would mark Goth’s first major role in a superhero blockbuster, and her first appearance within the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Fans have been eagerly awaiting more details on the new Blade ever since Ali was announced as the lead during Comic-Con 2019. The addition of Mia Goth as his co-star, presuming her deal is finalized, will only heighten anticipation. As with all Marvel movies, secrecy is paramount – but all signs point to Mia Goth bringing her talent for unsettling audiences to the Blade franchise. More to come on this exciting development…