Tubi Original Marry, F***, Kill: Do You Dare Play?

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And in the chilling new Tubi Original film Marry, F***, Kill, five estranged college friends will find out the hard way what happens when you mess around with matters of the heart and what it truly means to be someone’s soul mate. 

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Marry, F***, Kill opens with the devastating suicide of Beth, a heartbroken young woman who, following a sinister, ritualistic ceremony, decides to take her own life. Beth’s tragic death results in her estranged friends – Grant, Paige, Simon, Helen, and Vickie – being summoned to the small town Beth had called home after it’s revealed that she left them all something in her mysterious last will and testament.

Because it has been years since they last spoke to her, the group is confused and concerned as to why Beth decided to leave them anything, especially Grant, the unrequited love of her life and the one responsible for breaking her heart. 

As the old friends arrive in town, they’re given an ominous warning that the townspeople are not very welcoming to outside visitors. With no other place to stay, the group of friends must spend the night in the very house in which their old friend Beth took her own life. That first night, as the group sits around the table, they begin to discuss their situation and, in a moment of levity, decide to play “Marry, F***, Kill,” a party game they used to regularly play back in their college days. As the game progresses, each member continues to choose Grant as the one they would kill, revealing that, deep down, each friend still harbors resentment toward him for breaking Beth’s heart all those years ago. 

Not wanting to stay in the sinister house any longer than necessary, one of the members of the group takes off into the night, but soon finds themselves stalked by an unseen, malevolent force in the dense, foreboding woods surrounding the property. In a fleeting glimpse, they discover who actually summoned them here, although this chilling revelation is quickly lost in the dark of night. 

Believing that their friend likely just took off in the night, the remaining group decides to keep their promise to Beth and attend her funeral to pay their final respects. While at the funeral, Grant meets Stephanie, Beth’s eccentric aunt, who tells him that she is an empath and that she can sense he shares the same mysterious gift that Beth once had. She ominously warns him that her family has a dark and sinister history and that once the funeral is over, he and his friends need to leave town immediately and never look back.

The next day, at the dramatic will reading, the group learns that Beth gifted them her family home and all its rumored strange contents. As they start to explore their bizarre, new, unwanted inheritance, they begin to uncover the disturbing, dark secrets of Beth’s lineage and the sinister history of the house they have found themselves trapped in. Attempting to seek refuge somewhere – anywhere – else for the night, the group discovers that no one in town is willing to put them up, forcing them to reluctantly return to the very house of horrors they have been trying to escape.

In a desperate attempt to unveil the disturbing truth behind it all, Grant goes in search of Stephanie, where he learns that his own family lineage is inextricably tied with Beth’s and that, together, the two families are said to be the ones destined to eventually bring forth the Anti-Christ. Armed with this chilling knowledge, Grant soon begins to realize the real reason he and his friends have been lured to this house of shadows, and what sinister apocalyptic forces are conspiring to force him to live up to his sinister legacy and bring about the destruction of all human existence as we know it. 

Watch the pulse-pounding Tubi Original film Marry, F***, Kill and find out what really happens when you bind, bed, and bury all those you hold most dear in the name of love.

One strength of this movie is the way it builds up expectations and then makes you question your assumptions. The film quickly appears to establish who the primary antagonist is, lulling you into a false sense of security. So much so that you never suspect that the true evil could be someone, or something, else entirely. In fact, the thought doesn’t even cross your mind because, at this point, it never seems like the film is meant to be a chilling who-done-it, but rather a straightforward film about otherworldly revenge and the depths one is willing to sink to in order to exact that revenge – even if it means giving up one’s own life or mortal coil to ultimately get it.

But, as the film moves along and more layers of the story begin to be uncovered, you start to learn more elements about the believed protagonist that begin to make you question your initial assumptions. Did they die in spite of love, or were they willing to die to protect their love?

What started off as a haunted house film and a story about a jaded lover willing to sell their soul in order to exact revenge on those that wronged them in life quickly begins to turn into a thriller, and what you once considered to be the only truth is now riddled with doubt.

Marry, F***, Kill is a film that will keep you guessing, from the cold opening to the final apocalyptic act, as to who is truly responsible for the disturbing events unfolding inside the walls of this damned old house.

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