A Nightmarish Journey into the Infinity Pool (2023)

Infinity Pool, the latest production from writer/director Brandon Cronenberg, explores the deep-rooted question of what constitutes identity. The movie showcases a unique style that has been referred to as “tech noir,” and it raises complex questions that it doesn’t answer.

With its focus on the attitudes and peccadilloes of the ultra-rich, Infinity Pool delves into the consciousness of its characters, asking what makes a person a person and whether there is more to individuality than a collection of memories in a body.

The Plot of the Infinity Pool

The movie revolves around an unsuccessful author, James Foster (Alexander Skarsgard), and his wealthy wife, Em (Cleopatra Coleman), who have arrived at an exclusive resort to rest and recharge. The cracks in their relationship are visible from the start and become more pronounced when a vivacious young fan, Gabi (Mia Goth), latches onto James.

After an accident kills a pedestrian, James is arrested and offered the chance to have a cloned doppelganger executed in his stead. As he watches the procedure unfold, James comes to the realization that the clone is a sentient being who can feel fear, despair, and pain. This leads James into a secret society of resort guests who have undergone the same experience and feel empowered by it.

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Let’s explore the horror movie Infinity Pool

The horror element in “Infinity Pool” is multi-layered and expertly woven into the film’s broader themes of identity and the consequences of playing God. From the moment James finds himself trapped in a never-ending cycle of life and death, the audience is subjected to a constant state of suspense and tension. The question of whether he will escape this horrific scenario drives the horror, as the audience is drawn deeper and deeper into the nightmarish world of the resort and the cloned guests who occupy it.

One of the most effective elements of the horror in this film is the sense of detachment that the clones experience. As they are forced to carry out the same actions over and over again, with no real connection to their own lives, the audience is treated to a chilling vision of what it would be like to lose one’s own identity and consciousness. This detachment is further heightened by the eerie, almost mechanical movements of the clones, which serve to underscore the inhuman nature of their existence.

The film’s cinematography, sound, and special effects also play a key role in heightening the horror. From the sharp, jarring cuts that convey a sense of disorientation, to the otherworldly atmosphere created by the sparse, sterile sets, everything contributes to the film’s oppressive atmosphere.

The use of light and shadow, particularly in the moments leading up to the jump scares, is masterful and adds to the overall sense of unease. The sound design is similarly effective, with the use of atmospheric music and eerie sound effects creating a sense of foreboding and dread.

In terms of horror conventions, “Infinity Pool” makes use of jump scares to great effect. These are not gratuitous, but are instead integrated into the story in a way that adds to the overall sense of horror.

The film also explores the idea of the “uncanny valley,” where objects or beings that are close to being human, but not quite, elicit feelings of revulsion and terror.

The clones, with their perfect physical similarity to the original guests but lack of consciousness or individuality, tap into this concept to great effect, as they are simultaneously familiar and alien.

Horror tropes are deeply rooted in the film’s themes of identity and the consequences of playing God, and is executed with a masterful touch that will leave audiences both horrified and thought-provoked. The use of suspense, tension, and jump scares, along with the expert cinematography, sound, and special effects, make for a truly haunting and unforgettable horror experience.

Brandon Cronenberg penned the script for the 2023 science fiction horror film, Infinity Pool, with the intention of taking on the directorial duties as well. The film, which stars Alexander Skarsgård, Mia Goth, and Cleopatra Coleman, was inspired by the filmmaker's own unpleasant vacation experiences and a science fiction tale he was crafting about the elimination of clones.

Character Development

The character development in Infinity Pool is excellent, with each of the main characters having their own motivations and contributing to the overall story. James Foster is an unsuccessful author who is struggling with his personal and professional life. He is conflicted about his feelings for Gabi and is torn between staying with his wife and exploring the depravity of the secret society. Em, on the other hand, is a wealthy woman who is disillusioned with her marriage and is eager to leave the resort as soon as possible. Gabi is a vivacious young fan who is attracted to James and is intrigued by the secret society. Her husband, Alban, is a passive character who serves as a contrast to the other three.

Cinematography, Sound, and Special Effects:

The cinematography, sound, and special effects in Infinity Pool are top-notch, enhancing the horror experience of the movie. The visuals are dark and trippy, with a color palette that reflects the desolate and isolated setting of the resort. The sound effects are haunting and atmospheric, with a musical score that creates a sense of tension and suspense. The special effects are well executed and effectively used to create jump scares and other horror conventions.

The Ending of Infinity Pool Explained

This section contains spoilers and will explain the full ending of Infinity Pool (2023)

The climax of “Infinity Pool” sees James Foster confronting the society of wealthy guests who have undergone the same procedure he did and embracing the depravity that comes with it. As James delves deeper into the society’s twisted beliefs, he begins to question the morality of creating a sentient being whose sole purpose is to die, a common science fiction theme explored in other films. The film ends with a shocking twist as James realizes that he himself might not be the original James, but a clone infused with his memories, raising questions about the true definition of identity and consciousness.

The film leaves the viewer with a sense of unease and discomfort as they are forced to grapple with the moral implications of creating and using cloned doppelgangers for personal gain. The ending forces the audience to confront their own beliefs about the nature of identity and morality in a society where wealth and privilege can excuse even the most heinous of crimes. “Infinity Pool” effectively blends elements of psychological horror, science fiction, and societal critique to create a thought-provoking and haunting film that lingers long after the credits roll.

In conclusion

Infinity Pool is a well-crafted horror movie that asks complex questions and explores the consciousness of its characters. With its top-notch cinematography, sound, and special effects, it is a visual and auditory feast for horror fans. The character development is excellent, and the plot is engaging and thought-provoking. Overall, I would recommend Infinity Pool to others who enjoy horror movies that challenge the viewer and raise existential questions.

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