Day of the Dead A Romero 1985 Classic Zombie Movie

Day of the Dead was coming to theaters everywhere, the year was 1985, it had been seven years since the release of the critically acclaimed dawn of the dead which was released in 1978.

The horror industry was now in the slasher era of Michel Myers from Halloween, and Jason from Friday the 13th along with other popular slasher films taking the horror industry by storm.

Deep in the mind of the legend George Romero was a craving to complete the of the dead series, along came Day of the Dead the follow up film to the Dawn of the dead.

The lowest grossing film in George A. Romero‘s “Dead” trilogy. Nonetheless, it’s gained a cult following over the last three decades.

Film Facts

Day of the Dead takes place somewhere in the time line shortly after or during the events of Dawn of the Dead. A team of scientist, doctors and military personnel are stationed in a secure underground bunker, researching a cure for the zombie virus pandemic.

It’s not long until things go bad inside the bunker as tempers flare with the military demanding results on the progress of a cure for the zombie infection.

Bub the zombie everyone loves from Day of the Dead 1985 Romero Film.
Bub the lovable zombie

During the film you will encounter the legend known as Bub the zombie with heart, Bub appears to understand some things from his past life such as using a razor to shave and listening to music, it is both comical and sad to see Bub’s situation.

The team at Horror Facts has deeply enjoyed all the Romero films and would suggest that you watch this one for today’s covid-19 film of the day, there is no better series then the of the dead and this was the last one from the original era of Romero.

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Stay safe everyone and limit your time in crowds during this hard time and lets beat this coronavirus. Humanity will continue to survive just like our heroes in our favorite films.