28 weeks later the follow up to 28 days later.

It has been 28 weeks since the events depicted in the 28 days later movie, hold on to your seat and get ready because the rage virus still lives and nothing is what it seems.

Enter 28 Weeks Later

The US Military has seized control of the greater UK and is working to rebuild and sanitize the rage virus which had virtually wiped out the majority of UK citizens.

While 28 weeks later is not quite as good as the first epic film 28 days later it is still very much so worth the watch, it shows us how even a controlled pandemic can reoccur very quickly if everyone does not follow the rules.

The original cast from 28 days later are no where to be seen we can only assume they either perished or were rescued by the airplane that they seen in the final scene.

28 Weeks Later follows a father who abandons his wife early in the film and is brought in as an essential worker in the re-development project of the united kingdom as a maintenance personnel.

28 weeks later daughter actor on playground in city of rage virus

The man is reunited with his two children who had hopped a flight to the USA to escape the rage virus during the timeline of the first film, but the new utopia is not prepared for children at this time so the plot begins.

You can expect 28 weeks later to show you just what the world would be like after a serious biological disaster has devastated parts of the world.

The film is very enjoyable for fans of the first film and will not leave you disappointed during this time in the world where we are facing a deadly virus with COVID-19.


Stay safe everyone and enjoy the film, stay tuned for the next movie to watch coming to a Horror Facts website near you.