Bet you didn’t know Elvira hosted Storage Wars special.

Many of you love the hit reality show storage wars, we have covered in the past that Darrell Sheets once discovered a body in a storage locker.

Well just a few years ago they had a special edition episode that many horror fans may have missed, Elvira was hosting the Storage Wars: Scariest Lockers episode

This is quite the feature to see such a horror icon crossing over with a completely different genre. If you missed the episode there are some VOD services offering the episode and it may even be posted on Youtube.

“Barry enlists some physics – who have a dark feeling about a locker. Dave wins a locker – with a frightening find inside. Jarrod and Brandi’s buying strategy leads to some scary results. The buyers find some spooky decorations. Darrell gets the feeling he’s being watched. Kenny makes a hair-raising find. And later, Darrell and his granddaughter dig up a creepy find.”

This was the cable network episode synopsis

The team at Horrorfacts thought the episode was pretty good and had a haunted, scary type theme to it, its storage wars meets paranormal activity.